Your True Potential + English Speaking + A GIFT

You can have whatever you want in your life. The recipe to make a better life is there within you from the day you were born – today is just the day to remember your true potential.

What does it take to make a better life :

  • A Happy family
  • A healthy body
  • & a great Career which can fulfil your economical needs.

Healthy body & a happy family is all within your control but when it comes to making a career that’s where people see a lot of competition.

But you can have it all – anything you want – all you have to do is have a strong determination & self control to keep yourself focused & working towards your goal.

I know lack of fluency in English is holding you back from showing your full potential in your professional life & for that we have created a platform (EngVarta) where you can practice speaking in English with other professionals who speak English fluently in their everyday life.

I am sure it might have happened to you that you avoid asking the question or participating in the conversation if it’s happening in english just because you don’t want to make a mistake or get stuck due to lack of right words. 

You know what I have realized that it’s not the lack of ideas in your head – we all know enough english to frame our sentences and speak : it’s just we are not 100% confident about it & that’s the reason for hesitation and holding back.

And the best way to get confidence is practice and at engvarta you can do that daily with english experts on the tap of a button.

This is the best time to start as well because at engvarta we are celebrating EID & that means if you join today you can get upto 55% off (Ending soon..) on your practice plan.

I love writing long letters and I hope you enjoy reading them too.

If you want to ask any questions or share any experience, do not hesitate to reply back to me.

All the best & Happy EID
Ashish Pandey ( EngVarta Founder )


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