Happy Teachers Day

Do you know what is a Guru/Teacher?

If you are familiar with the verse :

गुरू गोविन्द दोऊ खड़े, काके लागूं पांय।
बलिहारी गुरू अपने गोविन्द दियो बताय।।

It simply means that guru is above god because without him I would be lost. So the purpose of the guru is to illuminate the path towards greatness in your life – for some it will be the path of education, for some it will be enlightened. Whatever it is, the importance of a guru in one’s life can not be ignored.

If you look at your journey from the beginning – your first guru was your mother and from there you had people guiding you to help navigate difficult situations in your life – you went to school, college, university and there you met brilliant minds, professors, teachers who helped you become the very person you are today.

Of Course the choices were yours but without their guidance it wouldn’t be possible.

So today is not the day to celebrate only the teachers who offered you classes in your school or college but it’s a day to celebrate everyone who imparted any sense of knowledge in you to help you become this very person.

At EngVarta today we celebrate our English experts and you both.

Happy Teachers day!

Ashish Pandey
Engvarta Founder


Happy Teachers Day

Happy Janmashtami

Today we celebrate the birthday of Krishna. His story is well known – he is the most charismatic man ever to walk on this earth & why wouldn’t it be Krishna was an incarnation of the god Vinshu in a human form.

But do you know as per Advaita vedanta we all are the incarnation of the god – it’s just an awakening is needed for us to resize the god within us.

But I am not gonna go into details about that topic. Instead I want to talk today about – what can we learn from this verse by our beloved Kirshan to make positive changes in our life.

“A man is made by his beliefs. As he believes. So he becomes.”

 A lot of us forget who we are and in that process we lose ourselves in the outer world thinking we have limitations on what we can do.

Remember you are limitless – expand your belief beyond your human possibilities. You can choose to do anything today. Believe in your higher self and do your karma with compassion, love & joy.

Whether it’s your house chores, 9 to 5 job or your english practice – whatever you do – do it with joy & compassion to bring positive transformation into your life.

Happy Birthday to our Beloved Krishna ❤️

Bless you 🙏
Ashish Pandey ( EngVarta founder )

Happy Independence day

Hi, I hope you’re taking care of yourself & doing well. 

I got one question for you : After 75 years of independence, what does Freedom mean for us today? What does it mean for a common person like me and you…

Today our challenges are different:

  1. We are facing the biggest threat to humanity in the form of the corona virus and vaccination is our most strong suit to deal with it. Make sure you contribute to this fight against corona by getting yourself and your family vaccinated.
  2. In our country more than 50% of people don’t get a good job or promotion that they deserve just because of their poor communication skills. 
  3. It is unfortunate that in our country English is taught as a subject from preschool but the environment to speak in English is not easily accessible to everyone.

At EngVarta we have taken this responsibility to create an english speaking environment for you where no one will judge you for your mistakes. Where you receive motivation and guidance to improve your English communication.

We recently restarted our daily video lesson series which is offered to all our users for free. 

We have also created a vocabulary series that helps all our students to acquire new vocabulary and learn them with easy assignments. This service is also available to you for free.

And to help you the most we have also created an environment where you can talk with a live english expert 1 to 1 daily for 15 to 60 mins to practice your english communication.

In India we face this issue that not everyone has reliable internet therefore we have also added the option for our users to talk with experts using phone calls as well.   

And on the occasion of India’s 75th independence day – we are giving you 55% discount on our english practice plans.

If you are still struggling in your career due to poor English communication – then this is your chance to work on it. Take control back and start your practice with experts. And with regular practice you will soon be able to fill the gap that is between you and your dream career. 

Happy Independence Day!
🇮🇳 Vande Mataram 🇮🇳


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Take Care!
Team EngVarta