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Dive into a highly interactive learning experience. Practice anytime, anywhere, and achieve your IELTS goal with ease.


AI-Powered Instant Scoring

Get real-time feedback on your speaking performance.


24/7 Availability

Practice anytime, anywhere, with our always-on AI tool.


Comprehensive Cue-Card Library

Practice with 1000s of topics to be fully prepared.


Detailed Feedback

Improve your grammar, coherence, and vocabulary with personalized feedback.


How it Works

Select from thousands of IELTS topics, record your response, and get real-time assessment.


1. Choose a Topic

Browse through our extensive library of IELTS speaking topics.


2. Speak

Respond to the selected topic, just like you would in the actual IELTS exam.

Get Instant Score

3. Get Instant Score

Our AI technology will assess your performance and provide an instant IELTS band score.

Receive Feedback

4. Receive Feedback

Learn how to improve with detailed feedback and tips.

We are EngVarta, committed to helping IELTS aspirants achieve their target scores. With our advanced AI technology, we offer a unique platform for real-time IELTS speaking practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the IELTSvarta?
    • IELTSvarta is a comprehensive platform designed to help you enhance your IELTS speaking skills. It offers a wide range of cue card topics, live assessments, personalized feedback, and advanced vocabulary to aid your IELTS preparation.

  • How can I access the app?
  • Is the app free to use?
    • In the app, you’ll receive a welcoming gift of 20 coins upon signup. These coins can be used to take up to 2 assessments on any cue card of your choice.

  • What are cue cards, and how do they work?
    • Cue cards are speaking topics or prompts that you can choose to practice on. Each cue card presents a specific topic related to common IELTS themes. You’ll speak on these topics to practice your speaking skills.

  • How does the live assessment feature work?
    • After recording your response to a cue card, the app provides you with a live assessment, including an IELTS score, feedback on grammar and coherence, and suggestions to improve your speaking.

  • What is personalized feedback, and how does it help?
    • Personalized feedback is tailored advice provided by the app based on your speaking response. It guides you on how to structure your answers and use advanced vocabulary to improve your score.

  • Can I practice multiple times on the same cue card?
    • Yes, you can. The app encourages you to practice repeatedly on the same cue card to track your progress and implement the feedback and vocabulary suggestions.

  • How do I earn coins in the app?
    • You can earn coins by inviting friends to install the app. Additionally, coins can be purchased through the app to unlock more cue cards and assessments.

  • Is there a subscription plan available?
    • Yes, the app offers subscription plans that provide access to a wider range of cue cards, features, and benefits. You can explore the subscription plan section within the app for more details.

  • Is there a support team I can reach out to for assistance?
    • Absolutely. You can contact our support team through the left menu within the app. We’re here to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. You can also reach us at ielts@engvarta.com

  • Can I use the app offline?
    • No, the app requires an internet connection to function.

  • How frequently should I practice on the app?
    • It’s recommended to practice regularly to see improvement. Setting a daily goal of practicing on a certain number of cue cards can be an effective way to progress.

  • Is my data secure on the app?
    • Yes, we take data security seriously. Your personal information and practice data are safeguarded in accordance with privacy laws and industry standards.

  • Are there any specific system requirements for using the app?
    • The app is compatible with most modern smartphones and tablets. Make sure you have the latest operating system updates for the best experience.

  • Can I share my practice recordings with others?
    • Currently, the app doesn’t support sharing practice recordings. However, this feature will be added in the future, allowing you to share your assessment results with the user community. You’ll also have the opportunity to view responses from other users on the same cue card to enhance your learning experience.


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