31 Interesting Topics to Practice English


Interesting topics to practice English
Interesting topics to practice English

Practice English with Yourself.

No one’s around you! That’s an ideal time to have self-talk in English 

And if you’re wondering, what to speak. I have a list of topics for you.  

Here how you should proceed :

  1. Make a note of this topic and add them to your self-talk jar. 
  2. Pick one note each day, and then you can start speaking on that topic. 
  3. Don’t forget to record yourself. 
  4. Listen to your recording after a week to assess your progress. For better understanding on how to assess, watch this video :

Here is the list of Interesting topics to practice English :

  1. What are your plans for the remaining days this week?
  2. How would you describe yourself?
  3. Which animal would you like to adopt as a pet and why 
  4. Describe a situation when you were under pressure and how you were able to tackle the problem.
  5. What are your likes and dislikes about using a mobile phone 
  6. When is the most productive hour of the day and why? 
  7. What are the places that you would like to travel to this year?
  8. Who is the person whom you admire the most? 
  9. Who is your inspiration and why?
  10. Do you love reading newspapers or watching the news? Give reasons. 
  11. Do you watch Netflix shows? If Yes, What was the last show you watched? And if No, what do you like doing in your free time? 
  12. What are the hobbies you would like to take up in the future? 
  13. What is the one habit that you think will make you successful? 
  14. Describe one of the best memories of your childhood. 
  15. What are you hoping to achieve by the end of this year & what are you doing to achieve that? 
  16. Do you find it hard to trust yourself? 
  17. What do you like about being an introvert/extrovert/ambivert?
  18. Which one do you choose? Beaches or mountains. Why?
  19. Which one do you prefer? Online or offline shopping. Why? 
  20. What is the biggest mistake you have made in your life?
  21. What is the biggest lesson that you have learned from life?
  22. What is the best memory of life so far?
  23. Describe your best friend. 
  24. Are you a team player or a lone wolf? And why
  25. What do you love about Indian food?
  26. What is the best decision you have ever made?
  27. What was the strangest dream you ever had? 
  28. Narrate the most inspiring story you’ve ever heard?
  29. What is your opinion on the Education system?
  30. What’s the secret to your success? 
  31. What is the suggestion that you would like to give to your younger self? 

Important :

Now make sure when you’re speaking on these topics, you don’t just speak a few sentences and stop. That wouldn’t help you. Go into detail & talk about why, how it made you feel. Elaborate as much as you can. Your target should be to speak for at least 4 to 5 minutes per topic.

If you’re getting stuck with just one line answer and don’t know how to express yourself on these topics or any other topics in English then you must go to the EngVarta app – where experts can help you to express your thoughts and emotions in English. They will correct your mistakes and guide you along the way on how to frame better sentences using proper words. 

You can download the EngVarta app from here.

If you have any other topics to suggest, put them in the comments & we will add them to the list for others. Thank you for reading. All the Best.

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