How to become fluent in English Speaking


how to become fluent in english speaking
how to become fluent in english speaking

Achieving fluency in English speaking is a common aspiration for many non-native speakers. Fluency not only enhances communication skills but also unlocks numerous opportunities in personal, academic, and professional areas. Reaching fluency requires a combination of regular practice, language immersion, and effective learning resources. This comprehensive guide offers practical tips and strategies to help you become fluent in English speaking and introduces EngVarta, the best English speaking app, to support your learning journey.

Understanding Fluency

Before diving into strategies, it’s essential to understand what fluency in English speaking means. Fluency is the ability to speak smoothly, quickly, and with minimal hesitation. It involves:

  • Speed: Speaking at a natural pace without frequent pauses.
  • Accuracy: Using correct grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.
  • Confidence: Expressing ideas clearly and effectively without fear or anxiety.

Strategies to Become Fluent in English Speaking

1. Set Clear Goals

Define your reasons for wanting to learn English. Whether it’s for work, travel, academics, or personal growth, having a clear goal will help you stay motivated. Clear goals provide direction and purpose, making it easier to stay committed to your language learning journey.

2. Immerse Yourself

Immersion is one of the most effective ways to learn a language. Surrounding yourself with English in daily life will naturally improve fluency.

  • Watch English Media: Regularly watch English movies, TV shows, and YouTube channels. Pay attention to dialogues and try to mimic pronunciation and intonation.
  • Listen to English Music and Podcasts: Listening to songs and podcasts in English improves listening skills and exposes you to different accents and expressions.
  • Read English Books and Articles: Reading helps expand vocabulary and understanding of sentence structure. Choose materials that interest you to stay engaged.

3. Create a Learning Routine

Establishing a routine ensures consistent practice and steady progress. Allocate specific times for English practice each day to maintain consistency.

  • Set Specific Goals: Define clear, achievable goals for your language learning, such as mastering a certain number of new words each week or holding a 10-minute conversation in English.
  • Create a Study Schedule: Allocate specific times for English practice each day to maintain consistency.
  • Track Your Progress: Keep a journal of your learning activities and progress, reflecting on achievements and areas needing improvement.

4. Take Formal Classes

Enroll in English language courses, either online or in-person. Classes provide structured learning, and teachers can offer valuable guidance and feedback. This structured approach ensures that you cover all essential aspects of the language systematically.

5. Practice Speaking

Speaking is crucial for fluency. Find language exchange partners, join conversation groups, or use language exchange apps to practice speaking regularly. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – it’s part of the learning process.

  • Daily Conversations: Engage in conversations with friends, family, or language partners. If no one is available, practice speaking to yourself or using language exchange apps.
  • Role-Playing: Simulate real-life situations, such as ordering food at a restaurant or having a job interview, to practice practical language use.

6. Use Language Learning Apps

Utilize language learning apps like Duolingo, Babbel, or Rosetta Stone. These apps offer interactive exercises, vocabulary building, and pronunciation practice. Check out the best English learning apps to learn fluent English.

7. Expand Your Vocabulary

A broad vocabulary allows you to express yourself more clearly and accurately.

  • Learn New Words Daily: Aim to learn a few new words each day and use them in sentences.
  • Use Flashcards: Flashcards are an effective tool for memorizing new vocabulary. Review them regularly to ensure retention.
  • Contextual Learning: Learn words in context by reading articles or books, helping you understand how words are used naturally.

8. Improve Pronunciation

Proper pronunciation and a clear accent are crucial for being understood and sounding fluent.

  • Phonetic Exercises: Practice phonetic exercises to improve pronunciation, focusing on difficult sounds and practicing them repeatedly.
  • Mimic Native Speakers: Listen to native speakers and try to imitate their pronunciation and intonation using resources like YouTube, podcasts, or language learning apps.
  • Record Yourself: Record your speech and compare it to native speakers to identify areas for improvement.

9. Engage in Writing

Write regularly in English. Start a journal, write essays, or participate in online forums. Writing helps reinforce grammar rules and improves overall language skills.

10. Understand Grammar and Syntax

While fluency is about communication, understanding grammar rules and sentence structure is essential. Invest time in learning the basics of English grammar to ensure you can construct sentences accurately and confidently.

11. Travel or Study Abroad

If possible, immerse yourself in an English-speaking environment. This accelerates the learning process and exposes you to different accents and colloquial expressions. Engaging with native speakers daily provides invaluable practical experience.

12. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Explore language learning platforms like FluentU, which use real-world videos to enhance language learning. Additionally, leverage language exchange apps like Tandem or HelloTalk to practice with native speakers.

13. Be Patient and Persistent

Becoming fluent in any language is a gradual process. Stay patient, celebrate small victories, and don’t get discouraged by challenges. Consistent effort over time will yield results.

14. Seek Feedback

Request feedback on your language skills from teachers, language exchange partners, or online communities. Constructive criticism helps you identify areas for improvement and refine your speaking abilities.

15. Stay Informed

Stay updated with current events in English-speaking countries. This not only enhances your vocabulary but also helps you understand cultural references and nuances in communication.

16. Learn from EngVarta Experts

Embark on your journey to English fluency with EngVarta! In this essential guide, we unveil tried-and-true methods and daily practices that will transform your English speaking skills. Whether you’re just starting or looking to polish your proficiency, this guide is your roadmap to speaking English like a native.

How EngVarta – Best English Speaking App Helps

EngVarta is a leading English speaking app designed to help learners practice and improve their spoken English skills effectively. Here’s how EngVarta can support your journey to fluency:

1. Personalized Practice Sessions

EngVarta connects you with live English experts for one-on-one practice sessions. This personalized approach ensures you receive tailored feedback and can focus on specific areas of improvement.

2. Flexible Scheduling

With EngVarta, you can schedule practice sessions at convenient times. This flexibility makes it easier to integrate English practice into your daily routine.

3. Real-Life Conversation Practice

EngVarta provides a platform for real-life conversation practice on various topics. This practical experience is crucial for developing fluency and confidence in speaking English.

4. Immediate Feedback

The experts at EngVarta offer immediate, constructive feedback on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary usage. This helps identify and correct mistakes, ensuring continuous improvement.

5. Supportive Learning Environment

EngVarta creates a supportive and motivational environment where you can practice without fear of judgment. This positive atmosphere encourages speaking more and improving faster.

6. Additional Learning Resources

EngVarta provides additional resources like vocabulary lists, practice exercises, and useful tips to further enhance your learning experience. These resources complement live sessions and offer comprehensive support for your English learning journey.


Becoming fluent in English is a journey that requires dedication, practice, and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone. By combining various learning methods, staying consistent, and immersing yourself in the language, you can significantly enhance your English language skills over time. Remember, the key is to enjoy the learning process and celebrate your progress along the way. EngVarta stands out as an invaluable tool in this journey, offering personalized practice sessions, flexible scheduling, and expert feedback. With EngVarta’s support, you can enhance your spoken English skills and unlock new opportunities in both your personal and professional life.

Start your journey with EngVarta today and take the first step towards becoming fluent in English speaking.

The Best English Learning Apps for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide


best English learning apps for beginners
best English learning apps for beginners


In today’s interconnected world, English has become the lingua franca of communication. Whether you’re a student, professional, or traveler, having a good command of English opens up numerous opportunities. Fortunately, with the advent of technology, learning English has become more accessible and convenient than ever. English learning apps provide a flexible and interactive platform for beginners to enhance their language skills. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some of the best English learning apps available, including the highly acclaimed EngVarta app.


Duolingo is a widely popular language learning app that offers interactive lessons for beginners. Its gamified approach makes language learning fun and engaging. With Duolingo, users can practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills through bite-sized exercises. The English learning app provides personalized feedback and progress tracking, ensuring a structured learning experience.


EngVarta is an innovative English learning app that specifically focuses on improving spoken English skills. It provides users with one-on-one English practice sessions with live English experts. Through audio and video calls, learners can engage in real-time conversations, receive personalized feedback, and gain confidence in their speaking abilities. EngVarta’s interactive sessions simulate real-life scenarios, making it an effective English learning app for beginners to overcome language barriers.


Babbel is a user-friendly English learning app that caters to beginners with its practical approach to language learning. It offers a wide range of interactive lessons, covering vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills. Babbel emphasizes real-life scenarios, helping users gain confidence in speaking English. The English learning app also provides offline access to lessons, making it convenient for learners on the go.


HelloTalk takes a unique approach to language learning by connecting learners with native speakers of English. This language exchange English learning app allows users to engage in real conversations with native speakers through voice calls, text messages, and audio recordings. Beginners can practice their speaking and listening skills while gaining cultural insights from their language partners.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a renowned name in language learning, and its English learning app is equally impressive. It focuses on immersive learning, employing speech recognition technology to provide real-time feedback on pronunciation. The app incorporates various activities, such as interactive lessons, games, and audio exercises, to help beginners develop their language skills effectively.


English learning apps offer a convenient and effective way for beginners to enhance their language skills. Whether you prefer gamified lessons, immersive experiences, or interactive conversations, there is an app suited to your learning style. Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, Babbel, and HelloTalk are among the top English learning apps that cater to beginners’ needs. In addition, the EngVarta app stands out by providing personalized spoken English practice sessions with live tutors, enabling learners to gain fluency and confidence in their spoken English skills.

As a beginner, exploring these English learning apps and finding the one that resonates with your learning style can significantly accelerate your progress in mastering the English language. Embrace the power of technology and embark on your English learning journey with these top-rated apps!

Remember, practice is key, so make sure to dedicate regular time to engage with these English learning apps and maximize your language learning potential. Happy learning!

Boosting Speaking Skills: Conversation Practice with English Learning Apps


boosting english speaking skills
boosting english speaking skills


In today’s globalized world, English proficiency has become increasingly important for personal, academic, and professional success. Among the four language skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—speaking often poses a significant challenge for English learners. However, with the rise of technology, English learning apps have emerged as valuable tools for improving speaking skills. In this article, we will explore the effectiveness of conversation practice with English learning apps and how they can boost speaking skills. By providing interactive and immersive experiences, these English learning apps offer learners a platform to practice real-life conversations, gain confidence, and enhance fluency.

  • The Importance of Speaking Skills in Language Learning

Speaking skills play a vital role in effective communication. They enable learners to express themselves, engage in meaningful conversations, and build connections with others. Proficient speaking skills not only enhance academic and career prospects but also foster cultural understanding and facilitate travel and social interactions. Therefore, it is crucial for English learners to focus on improving their speaking abilities to become confident and proficient speakers of the language.

  • Challenges in Developing Speaking Skills 

Many English learners face various challenges when it comes to developing their speaking skills. These obstacles often include limited opportunities for practice, fear of making mistakes, lack of confidence, and difficulty in finding conversation partners. Traditional classroom settings may not provide enough speaking practice time or individual attention. This is where English learning apps come into play, offering a convenient and accessible solution to address these challenges.

  • Interactive Conversation Practice with English Learning Apps 

English learning apps provide a dynamic and interactive platform for conversation practice. They offer a wide range of features and tools that simulate real-life speaking situations. Through voice recognition technology, learners can engage in dialogues and receive instant feedback on pronunciation and intonation. These English learning apps also incorporate speech analysis, allowing learners to identify areas for improvement and track their progress over time. Furthermore, many English learning apps provide opportunities for role-playing, conversation simulations, and interactive exercises, creating an immersive language learning experience.

  • Increasing Vocabulary and Expressive Abilities

Effective communication requires a strong vocabulary and the ability to express thoughts and ideas clearly. English learning apps support vocabulary development by offering word banks, flashcards, and contextualized examples. Learners can explore and practice using new words and phrases in meaningful contexts, improving both their vocabulary range and their ability to express themselves fluently. Additionally, some apps provide speech analysis tools that assist learners in refining their pronunciation and intonation, enhancing their overall speaking skills.

  • Building Confidence and Fluency

Building confidence is crucial for English learners to overcome the fear of speaking and communicating effectively. English learning apps create a safe and supportive environment for learners to practice speaking without the pressure of face-to-face interactions. The interactive nature of these English learning apps allows learners to repeat phrases, engage in conversational exercises, and gradually build their speaking skills at their own pace. Regular practice with the app’s interactive features helps learners gain confidence, improve fluency, and develop a natural flow in their spoken English.

  • Supplementing Conversation Practice with Real-Life Interactions 

While English learning apps offer valuable conversation practice, they should be seen as supplements to real-life interactions. Face-to-face conversations with native speakers or language exchange partners remain essential for developing authentic communication skills. English learning apps can prepare learners for these interactions by providing a solid foundation of vocabulary, grammar, and conversational patterns. They serve as a stepping stone to real-world conversations, enhancing learners’ ability to engage in meaningful dialogues with confidence and accuracy.


English learning apps have revolutionized language education by providing interactive and immersive conversation practice opportunities. Through these apps, learners can overcome challenges, build vocabulary, enhance expressive abilities, boost confidence, and develop fluency in spoken English. While apps are valuable tools, it is important to remember that real-life interactions remain crucial for developing authentic communication skills. By combining the benefits of English learning apps with real-world practice, learners can effectively boost their speaking skills and become confident and proficient English speakers.

Best English Learning Apps to Practice Speaking in English


Best English Learning Apps to Practice Speaking in English
Best English Learning Apps to Practice Speaking in English

Learning a language gets easier when you find your practice partner. But what if you don’t get your practice partner to improve the fluency of the language? And what if I tell you that you can even get practice partners over your phone? 

Yes, you surely can. 

If you are a beginner or just a basic English learner and want to improve your Spoken English then this article is going to help you a lot with your practice. 

Here are a few apps that are best for your English practice: 

  • Duolingo- 

When it comes to learning a new language, may it be the English language or any other, Duolingo is the best to recommend and start the practice. Indeed Duolingo is one the best language learning app even in terms of technology. The app is designed for all types of learners right from the basic to advanced. The app has numerous sets of tasks to complete along with the awarded coins and ranks. The app’s algorithm is set such that it will keep on reminding you to complete a level to learn the language. And it is probably the best part that keeps on reminding you to complete your goal. It gives you tasks or levels related to grammar, and vocabulary and also gives you spoken English questions to improve your fluency and accent.  

  • English conversation or speaking English

This app has around 200 English conversations and videos to practice. It has numerous quizzes to test users’ understanding and increase their language commands. Users on this app get to practice their spoken English. The app has various sessions for listening, practicing, and speaking. The listening sessions are majorly designed to improve the listening skills of the users. And the best part about the app is that it tracks the user’s progress and gives proper feedback to them in order to improve the language. 

  • Hellotalk 

Hellotalk is a very high-rated English learning app. The users on this app can even post audio messages or clips and get relevant feedback on the same from the native speakers. This app inbuilt grammar predictions function which makes the users more confident while chatting. This app is also one of the most recommended English learning apps. 

If you know English well but are not a fluent English speaker then this is the perfect app for you to practice your spoken English. EngVarta with more than a million downloads and a rating of 4.3 is coming up like a rising star among the other online English learning apps. EngVarta is an English learning app that connects learners with live English experts who work very hard to improve their fluency and accent. EngVarta gives a one on one live English classes over phone calls and is also planning to launch video call features for the users. Isn’t it amazing? You will get your practice partner on your phone itself. Try EngVarta for your practice and mark an excellent improvement in the language. 

  • Cake

Yes, you read that right !! As the name suggests, learning English is like a piece of cake through this app. You will get numerous videos and sessions to complete and improve your English accent. The users also get to record their voices and practice their English Speaking. The app will also provide the users with many informative videos to learn from. 


  • Knudge me

Knudge me is a powerful app to practice English speaking. Based on the scientific algorithm. Users through this app can find a lot of flashcards and quizzes for better learning of their language. It is designed by the algorithm that suggests the users revise the word and gives such recommendations throughout the sessions. 

Above all the apps mentioned here are the English practice apps that can boost your fluency and can mark excellent growth in the same. Hope you will be soon a fluent English speaker. Just take a step towards your goal of learning through any of these apps and master the app. 

Wish you all a very happy learning.   

Best English Learning Apps to Learn Spoken English


best english apps to learn spoken english
best English apps to learn spoken English


Learning a new language is an ongoing trend these days and living in such a globally diverse world it is quite amazing to learn a new language as a skill. In today’s globally diverse world, English has become the global language and is spoken in almost every area of the world, therefore learning it has become rather widespread.

However, learning English has become a challenge for many. To be able to find the right environment to practice in with the right teacher can be a tough task. People often opt for 30-day English learning classes to learn the language but what if I tell you that there are various English learning apps available as well that provide you with a similar type of service? 

English learning Apps that not only help you improve your English over time, but also allow you to utilise their services without having to leave your house.

There are various English learning apps available online that you can use and improve your English over time but in this blog, I will be listing a few top English learning apps that will eventually help you improve your English speaking skills

Best English Learning Apps to Learn Spoken English


The first English learning app in the list is Engvarta, it is one of the best online English learning applications that allow users to have a one-on-one interaction with an expert over the phone. There is no real-world connection whatsoever, all you have to do is make a call to an expert and start with your practice.

The best part about this English learning app is that the user as well as the expert get to stay anonymous throughout the session therefore the fear of being judged is completely out of the window. You can easily select a nickname for yourself and start with the practice. 

Furthermore, this English learning app allows you to use all of their services at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home, without having to move a muscle. In the midst of their hectic routine, users can quickly contact the English speaking experts via phone calls and practice their English.

This English learning app also provides you with a vocabulary series on a daily basis which is absolutely free. Users can easily avail this feature of Engvarta by simply registering on the app and will receive daily vocabulary updates in their Email. 

In simple words, EngVarta is a sure-shot solution to all your problems related to English communication. EngVarta will surely assist you in reaching your aim of becoming fluent in English communication.


Duolingo is also a quite famous English learning app available online. This English learning app not only helps in learning English but also provides several other languages like Korean, Spanish, German and many more. Duolingo exercises are designed to help users effectively learn new words and vocabulary.

It uses game-like lessons to help you learn new English words, phrases, and grammar. Duolingo is a language learning program that teaches you grammar, spelling, words, phrases, and conversational English. The methodology of this English learning app is mostly based on phrase memorization. This means that students will most likely need to use different approaches to understand the structure of English.


Memrise is an English learning app that will help you get started with some English courses especially if you are a beginner or want to enhance your English. Their user-friendly language learning method is intended to make the practice enjoyable, simple, and addictive. 

Memrise creates English lessons for beginners and focuses on getting people to communicate in English as soon as possible. It provides you with the necessary speaking practice. Memrise’s English learning app basic English course divides learning into short sessions that you complete every day, allowing you to always find time for practice at home or on the move.


Babbel is an English learning app that strongly focuses on vocabulary and grammar. It also emphasizes assisting English language learners in developing basic conversational skills. Babbel also provides the feature of completing and repeating sentences which helps in learning a new language. 

The English learning app also allows users to set goals and benchmarks for themselves to track their performance and stay motivated. Babbel believes in a practical approach to learning and focuses on four approaches i.e. sound recognition, image recognition, spelling, and fill-in-the-blanks. There’s also a useful flashcard feature for memorizing sentences and terms from previous lessons.


Busuu is one of the Spoken English learning app that is recommended for beginners trying to learn English. The software mixes human and AI-powered instructions to help you learn a language faster. Busuu covers all the basic fundamentals of learning a new language i.e. reading, writing, speaking, and listening, and provides a well-rounded approach. 

Busuu, English learning app allows you to create your own study schedule and even provides you with reminders to get back to practice. There is also a forum where you can discover language exchange partners. Overall it is a great English learning app to start learning English if you are a beginner. 

Lingo Deer

LingoDeer is an interactive English Learning app that has systematic software. In this English learning app, Users can practice English at their own pace and according to their own ability. The classes and exercises focus on the reading, writing, and listening part which eventually helps enhance communication skills. Lingo deer provides a well-organized set of exercises and topics that will eventually help users in improving their language day by day. Also apart from English the English learning app included various other European and Asian languages as well.  

So yeah! That’s it. These are a few best English learning apps that you can turn to in order to improve your spoken English while sitting at home. 

If you are an Indian and looking for some best Indian English learning apps – Check the list of Best English Learning apps in India 2022

Best English Learning Apps to learn Fluent English


Best English Learning Apps to learn Fluent English
Best English Learning Apps to learn Fluent English

Learning English becomes naturally easy when you have a partner who can help you improve and correct your mistakes. Someone who doesn’t judge you. With the advancement of technology, this seems to have become possible now. Your smartphones can become your English-speaking buddy. And the best part about it is? You can improve your English from around any part of the world. Learning has become that easier. 

But, the only challenge is you need to install the right application on your smartphones. So, to make life easier, I have a list of apps that will help you work on your speaking, listening and writing skills. 

Engvarta – English Speaking Practice App


Don’t have an environment around you to improve your English? 

Want to practice English with English experts? 

Then Engvarta is the right app for you! 


About the app : 

Engvarta is one of the best English learning apps for practicing spoken English on a daily basis from around any corner of the country.

Engvarta is an English-speaking app where you can connect with real-time English experts. The English Experts are professionals who will correct your mistakes when you speak in English. You can speak on any topic that you take an interest in. Or, you also have the option of choosing the desired goal and working towards achieving your goal. Goals can be preparing for an interview or an exam. 

You can practice any time of the day according to your availability starting from morning 7 am till midnight 12 pm. 



Babbel is an app for exploring a new language. The app-based learning created by a team of learners has everything you need to have a real-world conversation from vocabulary to culture. There are live online classes, podcasts, games, videos, and much more to discover. It is the best app for learners who want to master a language. 



Memrise is all about learning vocabulary using humor. If something is funny you are surely going to remember it. Memrise uses spaced repetition of flashcards to increase the rate of learning. Memrise also has the game form of learning. It uses spaced repetition for language acquisition which is an effective form of memorization. 



Duolingo is one of the best free English learning apps that supports dozens of languages and English is one of them. Duolingo is a fun way of learning. Here, you can do a bunch of activities like learning grammar and vocabulary lessons that are disguised as games. It offers a skill tree of lessons that use listening exercises, flashcards, multiple-choice questions. The bite-size lessons also make it great for quick learning sessions over your lunch break. This is definitely one of the English learning apps we recommend first to people.



Fluentu helps you access the web’s best foreign-language content. It is an English learning app where you can practice English by using real-world videos and interactive subtitles. You won’t get other grammar lesson videos but real-life conversations videos like commercials, music, interviews, comedy, speech, and much more. Quizzes accompany these videos where you can test yourself and practice the English that you watch and listen to in those videos. 

If you are someone who spends a lot of time on Youtube, this can be the best alternative to watch videos that you take interest in as well as improve your English.

Fluent U is also a user-friendly English learning app that can help you to improve your English on a regular basis. 

Hello English


Hello English
Hello English

The Hello App comes with 475 free interactive lessons, games, practice videos, and e-books. Whether you want to attend an interview or impress your friends with your flawless English – this English conversation practice app serves the purpose. Hello is a social network that connects you with communities of people who share your interests, around the world, and in your neighborhood.


Learning a language requires consistent practice. Using these amazing apps you will be able to hone your English communication skills. If you are using an application that is helping you improve your English. Write it in the comments section. 


5 Best English Learning Apps for Indians to Improve Spoken English


English learning apps for Indians
English learning apps for Indians



Is there something you are terrible at, but you still love doing it anyway?

Suppose, if I say, you love to dance, but you are not a good dancer. So, will you stop dancing or will you learn that skill?

Obviously you will learn how to dance!

Similar is the case with speaking in English. Just like dance is a skill and cannot be perfected without proper practice. Learning to speak English is a skill in itself. You need to invest your valuable time to get better at it.

Learning English involves consistent practice and a great desire to learn and improve!

Google can help you to find the answers and give you search results on “ Top 5 English Learning apps to improve English” or “ Top 5 ways to improve English”, but implementing it is your job. 

Don’t worry! If you have made up your mind to improve your English speaking skills – This article will not only list the names of some English learning apps using which you can improve your spoken English but also give you enough reasons to motivate you to improve your English using English Learning Apps. 

But, before that let us understand –


I believe that you don’t need a reason to learn any skill in the world. This language is fascinating and you want to speak it fluently. You already have enough reasons.

 But to emphasize its importance, I can give you 4 reasons why you should learn spoken English- 

  • A global language. 

Not everybody in the world speaks Hindi or French. We need a language that helps us connect with each other. The most important point to consider is – English is the most widely spoken and understood language. Imagine yourself in a country where no one understands your native language – English can save you there. Imagine you need to deliver a presentation to an international client – English can help you there. Imagine going on a date or with a group of friends. English can help you to participate in conversations. 

English is definitely not a measure of intelligence, but it does add an essence of confidence to your life. 

  • Study Abroad 

Do you want to fly abroad for your higher education or job? 

Well! Then lemme tell you some countries demand English proficiency tests to check your level of English to make sure that you accept English as they do. Also, you must learn to speak English at an intermediate level to build relations with your new friends. 

  • Job Promotion 

It’s a hard truth that English has become crucial in almost every sector. You are expected to speak English no matter what job profile you are in. Not only that, if you are fluent in English, your fluent English can give you better and bigger opportunities. 

  • Travel 

English can help you make everlasting friends around the world when you are traveling. I won’t exaggerate when I say that it can help you communicate with other travelers, learn about new cultures and help you enjoy a great sense of independence. You will be able to order food, ask for directions and talk to anyone without any language barriers. 

Now that you are convinced, and have made up your mind to improve your English, the question is – 


My answer is – With the help of English Learning Apps. English learning apps are really convenient and handy sources for learning English. These English Learning apps not only help you to improve your grammar or build your vocabulary but also connect you with an English-speaking partner or a mentor. If you are a serious learner and strongly want to improve your English – you can pick any one of these English practice apps and start your practice from today! 

Here we go! 

List of Best English Learning Apps in India 


  • EngVarta – English Speaking Practice App for Indians

(Android, iPhone)


Are you looking for a mentor who can improve your English and correct your mistakes? 

Or, do you want to improve your English conversation skills? 

Engvarta is an English Learning App that helps you to connect with Live English Experts over phone calls and helps you speak English just like you speak to people in real life. In this English learning app, you can pick up any topic of your choice and start speaking to the experts. You may also improve yours according to your desired goals.

Goals such as – 

  1. Preparing Interview questions 
  2. Improving English for IELTS. 
  3. Learning Public Speaking. 

Besides, you also get vocabulary delivered on a daily basis and English grammar lessons on YouTube channels. 

90% of the English learners on the EngVarta app are Indians which makes it trustworthy and reliable to use if you are an Indian. 

I would probably rate the EngVarta app as one of the best English learning apps for Indians if you want to practice spoken English daily. 

Rating – 4.3/5


  1. Duolingo – Fun English App

(Android, iPhone, iPad)


You must be familiar with this English Learning app. If you are a beginner who has just started to learn English, I highly recommend you to use Duolingo. It just doesn’t offer one language, but can help you learn 18 different languages. 

Using the Duolingo app is more like using a fun English learning app! 

The gamified learning system of this English learning app and the tailored exercises can help you to learn new vocabulary and learn new words. The Duolingo leadership channel can help you to compete with other learners and enable you to unlock the levels and earn coins.  

Sounds thrilling right? 

Rating – 4.7/5


  1. Memrise – Language Learning App

(Android, iPhone)


Memrise language learning system is designed in such a way that it makes English learning fun and addictive. Indians have found this English learning app more useful and have generously rated it quite well.

Memrise also offers other languages like Spanish, German, and French. The basic English course combines practical vocabulary, grammar lessons, and phrases so that you can use them in your daily conversation. The feature of “Learn with locals” in this English learning app makes it more impactful and beneficial for learners who understand Indian English accents. 

Among all the English learning apps, Memrise stands out for its unique approach. 

Rating: 4.6/5


  • Hello Talk – English Learning App to Get English Speaking Partners

(Android, iPhone)

Hello Talk
Hello Talk

Hello Talk is an ideal English Conversation Practice App that serves one purpose – It connects you directly with native speakers and provides an interface to test and speak through your smartphone. Hello Talk also provides the translation feature which is a paid aspect of this English Learning app. 

The basic concept of this English learning app is to connect learners from all over the world and help them meet and grow together to improve their English speaking skills. 

Rating: 4.3/5


  • Babbel – App for English speaking

(Android, iPhone, iPad)


Do you want to improve your vocabulary? I recommend you Babbel. You will be given a sentence that you will have to complete. The lessons are categorized on the basis of difficulty level. Babble uses a custom goals system and helps you track your progress. 

You can learn using these four approaches – Sound Recognition, Picture Recognition, Spelling, and Fill in the blanks. 

Download this English Learning app if you want to improve your vocabulary! 

Rating: 4.5/5

So, these were all about the English learning apps that I would recommend for Indians to improve their English. 

List of 10 Best English Learning Apps that can help you improve English and boost your confidence 

Besides above English learning apps, here are some other English learning apps that can help you improve English –

  • ENGVARTA – Best English Learning app for android
  • DUOLINGO – Fun English learning app for learning languages
  • Memrise – English learning app for all
  • Hello Talk
  • Babbel – App for English speaking
  • Hello English – English learning app for daily practice
  • English Conversation practice
  • Fluentu
  • Bussu – English learning App For Writing English
  • Enguru English learning app

These friendly English Learning apps can be a great way to start learning and start practicing spoken English from today itself! I highly recommend these best English learning apps for learning English or brushing up your existing language skills. All you have to do is just download your favorite English learning app on your phone now and begin your journey of language learning!

Let me know in the comment your favorite English learning app. Also don’t forget to mention if you have any other recommendations or if you have already used any English learning app before! 

Benefits of English Learning apps – Are English learning App Effective and Useful?


Are English learning apps effective
Are English learning apps effective

English Learning apps have been considered to be one of the most effective tools for learning English from around any corner of the world. Replacing the traditional method of learning any language by App based learning has been a revolutionary change and has been quite a trend.

However, many people are often skeptical about how these English learning apps and cutting edge technology could help people in learning a new language.

Hundreds of mobile applications, whether free or paid, make people think twice about how these English learning apps can help them to learn a language that was once could only be traditionally learned.

This brings us to the question that – Are English learning apps really helpful?

Honestly Speaking , your phone can be your best learning buddy. People often give up the dream of learning English due to unavailability of the right time or the right mentor or learning resources. Learning becomes more challenging when you are learning a new tongue and you fear being judged by the mistakes you make. But the customized English learning app has undoubtedly made life easier.

Here are some points where research shows that English Learning apps can be really impactful and can help a lot to improve your language proficiency.

Let’s have a look at benefits of English Learning Apps

1. Learn English from anywhere using English learning App


Do you wanna learn English while travelling?
You want to practice speaking in English during the 15 minutes recess of your office hours?

Well ! English Learning apps have made this possible apparently. Gone are the days when we had to travel miles to attend our English learning classes. This smart learning method has made life convenient for language learners. You can learn to speak English from the very comfort of your home. And this is not something to be surprised about. You don’t have to adjust your day or run away anywhere to learn English. You have your hands on the device and Voila ! You’re all set. You can start your English practice then and there.

2. Save your time by using English learning App


Do you wish to practice English before sleep?

Or, are you an early bird who wishes to improve English during morning hours?

English Learning apps can be your companion!

English is not a subject to learn. Rather it is a life skill that can be acquired anytime regardless of what your age is. But this becomes challenging when working people & homemakers find it hard to spare time to focus on their language skill. It is this time when English learning apps come into the picture. Using these English learning apps, you can practice English anytime of the day. There is no need for rigid timetabling just like the old school method.

So you see, English learning apps are a brilliant way to save your time indeed !

3. With English learning app you can study at your own pace


Isn’t it true that everyone has their own pace of learning?

It is a matter of fact that learning is a process. In this process, one might learn to speak in English in just a few months whereas the other might take a year’s time. And it is not just true for English but any other skill that you wish to acquire.

During the whole journey, you need a mentor who can patiently help and guide you throughout. English learning apps are so diversified that people from different backgrounds and all over the world can enroll themselves.

These English learning apps also provide 1 on 1 sessions where you don’t have to feel nervous about your mistakes. You can just be ‘YOU’ and openly discuss your weaknesses and strengths in that particular language. In these English learning apps, you get your own space and move at your own pace instead of juggling among the crowd.

4. Personalized learning


English learning apps provide a personalized learning experience of learning vocabulary, idioms, listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Learning becomes more effective and productive when ‘It is made for you’. Many English learning apps personalize the course according to the past data.

Mobile technology provides well defined, crisp resources that are just for you. According to your present level of English, these English learning apps build a customized learning environment.

It involves sustained language learning especially when it comes to practicing spoken English. Personalized learning provided a platform which is something beyond the walls of classwork. It prepares you for the real world.

5. Enjoy the learning process.


You need to agree when I say, Freedom to learn anytime at one’s own pace with personalized resources makes the entire process easier and convenient. When something is easy, you automatically start enjoying it. And when you start enjoying it, you learn better and put in more effort.

One of the most remarkable changes of the 21 century is learning through gamification. If you have ever used any apps, you must have seen how they test you using different game based quizzes, videos, visuals and sounds. This keeps learners engaged and engrossed in learning English. The game based explanations of different topics gives learners a wider range of scope to practice this new lingo.

Considering all the positive perspectives, it’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to learn any language. It can be one of the best substitutes for learning English language.

The challenge is choosing the right English learning app for you to practice English. So, here is the list of English learning applications that can help you to practice English.

(All these English learning apps are available for iOS and Android )

EngVarta – Best English learning app for practicing spoken English










EngVarta is a user-friendly English learning app that provides a one-on-one English speaking practice platform. It is not like a regular classroom session but a platform that prepares you for the real world. The sole purpose of this English learning app is to work on your English speaking skills. On a tap of the ‘Connect to Expert’ button, you can interact with English Experts who will help you to speak in English by correcting your mistakes. EngVarta app helps to build up confidence to speak English and achieve your desired goals (e.g acing an interview or delivering public speaking in English ) .

Duolingo – Fun based English learning app










Duolingo is one of the trendy English learning apps where learning a language is fun. It offers various lessons with brilliant audio and visual effects. Along with lessons, it imparts flashcard, exercises and in- depth multiple choice exercises that helps boost your language skills bitesize

This activity based English learning app provides a platform to practice pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary on a daily basis.

Hello Talk – Learn by chatting


hello talk
hello talk








Hello Talk is an English learning app that helps you to connect with native English speakers and chat with them for free. The innovative tools in the English learning app help you improve your English effortlessly. You can connect yourself to individual members or join group chats for a collective experience.

Fluent u – Real world English videos



Fluent u brings English videos based on real life scenarios and conversations with interactive subtitles. Videos based on commercials, music, movies, comedy, motivational and much more. Along with these videos, you also have access to quizzes that will make learning more effective.

If you are a learner who listens and learns, this English learning app can be your best learning buddy.

Google Translate


Google translate
Google translate








You may have heard the name of this popular language translator app. This multilingual translation app helps in converting any text, documents and websites from one language to another. If you want to know the English word of any word or learn English words by translating it from your native native language to English, then this English learning app can be beneficial for you.

The above-mentioned English learning apps are among the best apps that are highly recommended for you to improve your English speaking. Read our article on : Best English Learning App in India 2021 to get a in-depth list of the best English learning apps that can help you improve your English.

I hope this article will help you to justify whether you should or not install an English learning app to improve your English skills.

Top 5 English Learning App for Learning English in 2022


english learning app
english learning app

Do you know who can be your best English learning buddy in 2022? – Your phone!

Makes sense right ?

In this era of technology, it has become really convenient to learn English sitting at the comfort of your home. Not only home, but anywhere – while travelling or at a coffee shop. 

Learning English is not just about learning grammar rules online but also finding an English speaking partner or finding other ways where an English learner can create an environment of practicing around themselves. 

But the challenge is – there are thousands of English learning apps available on the internet, but you need to go for the best English learning app . An English learning app that actually gives you results & helps you to achieve your English learning goals.

So here are top 5 English learning apps in 2022 that are highly recommended to all English learners to improve their English speaking skills. 

Note: Some suggested English learning app 2022 are free whereas some are paid (purely on the quality of services that you’ll be getting). Also, these applications are not time bound & they are user friendly. You can use these English learning apps anytime & anywhere according to your time availability.

Also, at the end there’s a list of other English Learning apps that can help you to speak, listen and write better English. 

To make your life easier, here we begin – 

  • EngVarta – English Learning App 2022 to practice English with live English Expert

If you are looking for a serious English learning app or English conversation practice platform that can help you to do your daily English practice, then this English learning app is for you.

 Here are some reasons why you should go for this English learning app –

  1. If you want an English Expert who can give you the right guidance to improve your English.
  2. If you want to crack an interview, but your English conversation is a stumbling block.
  3. If you want to deliver smooth and exceptional public speaking or presentation in English. 
  4. If you want to travel the world & have a strong command over English. 


These are some of the goals that EngVarta English learning app will help you to achieve. 

How does it work ?

EngVarta app helps you connect with live English Experts over a phone call. This user-friendly English learning app can help you to find a mentor with whom you have English conversation daily. After each call, there will be a rise in self confidence & a ray of improvement. English Experts will correct all your mistakes as you keep on speaking. They will help you to push you out of your comfort zone & accept English as if it is your own native language. 

This English learning app is anonymous and you don’t need to disclose your name.

It can be your secret English classes that can help you to improve your English each day!


  1. Duolingo – Free Language Education app 

Duolingo is one of the trendy English learning app where you can learn multiple different languages along with English. Duolingo offers knowledge branches of English lessons that use listening exercises, flashcards & multiple choice questions to give an in-depth boost of words, phrases & sentences.  Duolingo also has a feature that is called Learn with Locals that helps in linking English words with videos of native speakers – pronouncing the words out loud and also demonstrating them. 

Duolingo is completely based on activity based learning.

Who should use Duolingo ?

Every English learner ( irrespective of their English proficiency ) can install Duolingo to enhance their vocabulary  & test themselves daily. 

 However, learners who want to improve their English speaking skills need to go for an English learning app that is a conversation platform and you are able to speak to real world English speakers. 


  1. English Conversation Practice App – English Learning App for listening & Speaking
English conversation practice app
English conversation practice app

English Conversation Practice App does what its name says. This English learning app is for those learners who want to practice English conversation. Here you don’t find any live English speaking partner, but still this user – friendly, fun English learning app can help you improve your pronunciation and practice English according to different real life situations.

How does it work?

There are three important steps involved – 

  1. Listen 
  2. Understand
  3. Practice

First, you choose the category and select a topic from the sub topics (different real life situations). There is a short quiz for you to understand and the third step is to listen to the conversation and record your own by practicing the conversation. By practicing one lesson everyday you can improve your speaking skills. 

English conversation practice app is more about listening & learning English.


  • Fluent U – Real world English Videos

Fluent U is an English learning app where you can practice by using real world videos and interactive subtitles. You won’t get other grammar lesson videos but real life conversations videos like commercials, music , interviews, comedy, speech and much more. Quizzes accompany these videos where you can test yourself and practice English that you watch and listen to in those videos. 

If you are someone who spends a lot of time on Youtube, this can be a best alternative to watch videos that you take interest in as well as improve your English.

Fluent U is also a user-friendly English learning app that can help you to improve your English on a regular basis. 


  • Hi Native – Q & A platform for English learners 

This English learning app is quite different from the other English learning apps. You have a community of English learners here who are ever ready to help you with pronunciation, vocabulary and even translations. You can also ask the people to correct a text that you have written. It is more  like a query solving English learning app that can be used anytime and anywhere to solve your doubts related to English. In short, Hi native is a global Q & A platform for all English learners. 


List of 10 English Learning Apps 2022 for Android that can help you improve English and boost your confidence 

Besides these English learning apps, here are some other English learning apps that can help you improve English –

  • ENGVARTA – Best English Learning app for android
  • DUOLINGO – Fun English learning app for learning languages
  • Memrise – English learning app for all
  • Bussu – English learning App For Writing English
  • BBC Learning English
  • Hello English – English learning app for daily practice
  • English Conversation practice
  • Fluentu
  • Babbel – App for English Speaking
  • Enguru English learning app


List of 10 English Learning Apps 2022 for iOS that can help you in speaking English fluently and confidently

If you are really interested in learning English, then check out the below list of best English learning apps for iOS 2021 that you can use to improve your English pronunciation and English speaking skills.

  • EngVarta – best English learning app for iOS
  • Mondly – English learning app for android and iOS
  • Go Talk – English learning app for learning English
  • FluentU – This English learning app uses videos to help you learn English
  • Duolingo – Most popular English learning app for iPhone and iPad
  • Memrise – English learning app that helps you learn multiple languages
  • Tandem – Best English learning app for iPhone and iPad
  • Google Translate – English learning app to improve overall English
  • Babbel – English speaking and English learning app
  • Speak English App

Improving English Conversation is sometimes considered to be impossible. But that’s not true. Something that is extremely important for you to improve your English is consistency and time dedication. You need to engage yourself in this language and keep on practicing it till you become confident enough to speak English in any situation you come across.  And these user-friendly and helpful English learning apps can act as a catalyst to your English speaking journey. 

Let us know which is your favorite English learning app in the comment below.

How to talk in English on Phone

A Role Play

How to Talk in English on Phone
How to Talk in English on Phone
  • Today we’re going talk about “How to Not Ruin” your telephonic conversation in English.
  • Let’s give a start to this blog with a role play.
  • Suppose, Vanesha who is a fluent English speaker is calling her friend Mansi after so many years. They are childhood friends but Vanesha went to study in a convent school where she got a lot of exposure and she speaks English like a native speaker.
  • While on the other hand, Mansi finished her education from a state board in a Hindi medium school, where she was taught a lot of grammar but communication was never her best forte.
Now let’s see how this conversation will be like
Vanesha– ‘Hey’
Mansi– “Hello”
Vanesha– “Hello, is this Mansi?’
Mansi– Ji. aap kaun?.
Vanesha– Mansi, I’m Vanesha. didn’t you recognize me?’
Mansi– ‘umm.. aha..Hello Vanesha.HOOW…..KAISI HO?
Vanesha– I’m doing wonderful. How have you been? It’s been so long since we last met.
Mansi– Yes, han han, I am GOOD GOOD. YOU tell?
Vanesha-‘I am absolutely fine. Thanks :), I can’t believe we’re finally speaking – it was quite difficult to find your number. Anyhow – long time – whats up?
Mansi– ha ha long time, So what.. – tum kya kari ho aaj kal?
Vanesha– I am doing my Masters from Delhi. I am in town for couple days and I really hope we could meet. Do you have time tomorrow to catch up over coffee?
Mansi: WOW.. arre wah – Lets meet. Let’s meet..Kal milte hai fir
Vanesha– Yeah, Awesome, So tell me a good place here?
Mansi – Good place…umm ah – how , CCD kaisa rahega?
Vanesha– that will be great. I’ll see you tomorrow old friend.
Mansi – Great, Great..Milte hai kal.
Vanesha– It was really nice chatting with you. Bye bye Mansi Take care
Mansi– Bye.. Bye Vanesha.So you saw that Mansi could not talk fluently to her friend in English. Leave fluently, she was not even comfortable. And you know why? Because she we literally trying to translate her emotions from Hindi to English and she was failing back to back and that ruined her confidence in the conversation.
So now, let’s see how this conversion can be corrected and carried out in the right way.
Mansi– ‘Hello, may I know whom am I speaking to?
Vanesha– ‘Hello I am Vanesha. Is this Mansi?
Mansi– Hello Vanesha. Yes, this is Mansi. How have you been?
Vanesha– ‘I am absolutely fine. What about you?’
Mansi– I’m sorry you are inaudible.
Vanesha-‘Hello? Mansi is there some network issue?
Mansi– No. I can hear you now.
Vanesha– It’s been ages since we last met. Let’s meet soon.
Mansi– Exactly. How about tomorrow?
Vanesha– Yes. I’m free tomorrow. What about Starbucks ..1 pm?
Mansi– Yes. sure. see you tomorrow then.
Vanesha– Okay then. Byee.
Mansi– Bye, Vanesha.

Do you daily role play practice like this? That is the only way you can perform in situations like this, which are not that bad,  just your brain has to do more work, hence the pressure is seen in front and it spoils your performance.

One simple solution is to consider that no issues, let’s talk in Hindi only. But when your friend who speaks so good English is calling you after a long time then you can’t say that so easy to carry out the conversation in Hindi only as you are still that old friend. No, this is not that easy as you have a gap now.

And if you have made up your mind that you have to talk in English only and if you want to make a good impression then you should get used to such conversations by hanging out with friends who talk in English and gradually you’ll learn a decent one.


But if you think like you can not hang out with friends, who speak good English, it’s a little embarrassing, then – don’t feel down. We’ll fix this problem.
Just download the EngVarta app on your smartphone, where you can practice your spoken English with experts who will help you prepare for such conversations.


For Regular English Practice with Expert: Download EngVarta Mobile App