Implicit Method for Improving English Speaking Skills


implicit method of learning English
implicit method of learning English

Do you know that learning English can be super easy? You just have to stop playing by the rules instead focus on enjoying the language as a communication tool.

You would ask how’s that possible?

Well it is possible and it’s called an implicit method of learning skills – for example how did you learn your mother tongue? 

Did you learn it from textbooks? Did you follow certain rules when you started?


You learnt it by listening and speaking – that’s all. And that is what is called implicit learning.

Our brain is designed to learn a new language way faster implicitly than following the textbook route ( memorizing grammar rules, vocabulary etc. )

Honestly speaking, anything that bores you – stop doing it & instead focus on activities that you enjoy. When you enjoy it your brain picks up the information quickly and helps you learn faster.

So how to get started with implicit learning for English?

Implicit learning involves some activities that will help you climb each step slowly and steadily towards attaining English proficiency.

These are top 9  steps you can follow to get started :

Step no. 1 : Forget about rules that limit you or hold you back from speaking. Rules are not just to be memorized but also to be implemented.

Step no. 2 : Find a mentor or a group with whom you can talk in English on a daily basis. Practicing with mentors on a daily basis will help you to deal with hesitation. After all, to master English fluency, you need to speak.

Step no. 3 : Imitate your mentor or anyone who inspires you – it will help you to copy their speaking style. Just like you did with your parents when you were a baby. The changes in your fluency won’t be overnight and drastic but noticeable in time.

Step no. 4 : Don’t let mistakes drag you down, instead use them as a stepping stone to raise your English level.  When you start to listen and surround yourself with English content more, you learn to detect your mistakes.

Step no. 5 : Don’t learn words instead focus on learning phrases.  Learning phrases helps in learning a language faster. Why so ? This is because when you learn a phrase, you know how to imply it to sentences. 

Step no. 6 : Develop a sense of what sounds right and what not. Similar to how you know when someone makes a wrong sentence in your mother tongue – try to develop the same kind of relationship with the English language.

Step no. 7 : Listen to songs or watch movies and repeat the dialogue until you get the proper tone and pronunciation( But only in English).

Step no. 8 : Challenge yourself on a daily basis to speak in English on different topics.   Speaking on different topics and situations will help you explore new ideas and boost the confidence within you to open your mouth and speak.

Step no. 9:  Whenever you are confused, clear the confusion about the grammar rules with the example of the sentences that you are confused with. Always focus on application of the rule you are confused with instead of the rule itself. Rules are important but knowing their application is more important – because that’s how you apply them in your everyday life.

Now if we go on speaking about the steps, it would end up being infinite. Improving your speaking skills is not just about following multiple activities. But it is about effectively doing it. And most importantly, Speaking in English daily takes the precedence over anything else. Unless you speak, you cannot apply any rule, you cannot use any vocabulary.

 Speaking in English should be part of your daily schedule just like eating & sleeping. Take help of EngVarta Experts – who will help you Practice English daily. In this way, you will implicitly improve your English more faster & effortlessly.

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