Work from Home Jobs for People having Fluent English Speaking Skills


Work from Home Jobs for People having Fluent English Speaking Skills
Work from Home Jobs for People having Fluent English Speaking Skills


Work from Home!

For some of us, work from home jobs are not just fascinating but also self-satisfying because somewhere we find ourselves more productive and focused while setting up our offices at home. Online work not only helps you to create a new network but also provides a subsidiary source of income.

You know what, there are many jobs for fluent English speakers in India and you can earn a good income if you have excellent English speaking skills.

If you are someone who is looking for a job change or starting your career and have fluent English speaking skills, then this blog post is for you!

We have listed work from home jobs for fluent English speakers in India for anyone who speaks fluent English and wants to work from home.



There has been an ongoing demand for ESL mentors in recent years. It is one of the most trending English speaking work from home jobs in India.

When it comes to earning money online as an ESL mentor, there are a variety of options. You can either start your own sessions independently with the right ad or be on the safe side. You can join a platform or a company that can help you to provide English learners. Now, when it comes to choosing the right platform where you can teach ESL there is an abundance of choices you have. You can either go for face-to-face classes or you may also take sessions over phone calls. The amount of money you can make absolutely depends upon the number of hours you take the sessions. There is flexibility in earrings as well as in working hours in these fluent English speaking jobs in India.

There are many websites available online where you can search for fluent English speaking work from home jobs in India and can directly enroll yourself as an ESL trainer.


  • Customer support executive in International BPO

Customer Support Executive is another most popular work from home jobs in India for fluent English speakers. If you are just in college and have good English communication skills, working in a BPO can be one of the best options for you and earn a handsome income while you are still in college.

Many BPOs do not ask for a graduation degree. So, working in a bpo can not only make you financially independent but might give you career opportunities as well.

Salary in a BPO completely depends on the complexity and shift requirement of the job offered. Also, the career growth is quite fast and within a few years’ time, you can become a team leader with a great salary increment.

If you are looking for jobs in a BPO, start a LinkedIn profile


  • Online English teacher 

There’s a difference between an ESL trainer and an English teacher. English teachers basically focus more on the traditional method of teaching grammar rules and vocabulary. 

Online teachers are in high demand and many teachers and subject matter experts are turning to online teaching as a flexible teaching career option. This profession is considered as one of the best work from home jobs for people having fluent English speaking skills

As an English teacher, you can join platforms where you can teach English as a subject. These platforms pay you per student or on an hourly basis. Or, you may also start your own classes independently. 


  • Telephonic interviewer 

If you are not familiar with this job role, a telephonic interviewer who takes surveys on calls and shortlists a list of candidates. A telephonic interviewer needs to have a soft tone of communication skills. An efficient interviewer has the ability to anticipate and guide all the applicants through the training path that requires smooth and easy English communication skills.


  • Subject Matter Expert 

A subject matter expert is a person who has authority in a particular area or topic. If you are a novice in the English language, you can become an SME in this language. These are mostly work-from-home jobs where you need to ensure that facts and details are correct so that the deliverables are of best practices.

Where can you find these jobs?

Linkedin is one of the biggest platforms for anyone who is willing to provide a job or someone seeking jobs.

You may also directly visit the company’s website and apply to your desired post. 


If you are a fluent English speaker, you can also become an English expert with Engvarta where you will be paid each minute for talking with English learners. To know more about it, read this article –


Engvarta provides a complete work from home job. All you need to set up is a stable internet connection, a mobile phone & a headset, and a silent environment and you are good to go. Within your comfort zone, you can talk to the users and help them improve their English. Beginning with applying as an Expert – the hiring process to the calls – everything is conducted from home. 


You will be paid on a per-minute basis. Experts are paid for each minute. This helps in income flexibility. The income calculated by total working minutes is credited to the experts account each month. 

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