Simple Ways of Boosting English Speaking Skills

Simple Ways of Boosting English Speaking Skills
Simple Ways of Boosting English Speaking Skills
  • Many people know English but couldn’t speak. Many know how to speak with confidence but do not have a good grip on English. Many people know the language, could talk with their friends but could not speak in front of the crowd.

    A poor command over the language can be partly blamed for lack of sound communication skills and public speaking skills. As you can see, these three issues are interconnected; targeting each one of them can ease out the other issues a bit.

    As we are looking for solutions of all the three problems, let us see into them one by one.

How to improve English?

We all know that English is a universal language. It is spoken in almost every part of the world. All the famous pieces of literature are in English. The education system and the corporate world demand a thorough knowledge of English. Globalization depends on English. The companies that operate in many different nations connect with other nationals with the help of English. If you are in an interview of a MNC and do not speak in English, they may reject you on this sole basis. And, hence, everyone should make it a point to gain proficiency in this language.


If you want to improve your English, here are some easy ways to do so. If you strictly follow the below-mentioned tips, you would be able to improve your English in months depending on your speed. The best thing is that you would not need to join any English-learning institute to master the language. With these tips, you can learn English, all by yourself.


Here are the easy ways to improve English:


‣Make English Your Habit

The most important thing is consistency. You must be devoted, determinate, and consistent in everything you do. If you want to learn English, you should be consistent.

Make it a point to dedicate some time to English regularly. Make English your habit. Whatever you learn, keep repeating and practicing it.

Remember consistency is the key to learn any new art. Begin your day with English and finish your day with English.


‣Clear your basics

You don’t need to invest in coaching classes to clear your basics. Even if you are beginning from scratch, you can teach yourself. Take some help from the online tutorials. There are many good websites that teach English to beginners.

Register with any good website with good ratings and start teaching yourself.


‣Read newspaper

Begin your day with digging deep into the newspaper. This will not just enhance your awareness but also, English.

The newspapers bring many new words to our table every day. You need not try very hard to enhance your vocabulary. Just read the newspaper, mark the new words, and note them down. Pay attention to sentence formation.


‣Read magazines and novels

Magazine and novels contain the words used by millennial. Knowing and using the trending words boosts vocabulary and confidence.

Keep reading magazines and novels to learn some fancy words. You can take up this habit, once your basics are clear.


‣Listen to English

Just like reading and writing, listening too helps in learning English. Switch on your TV or Netflix and enjoy watching movies or series. But, don’t forget to Google new English words that you come across.

Listening to English will also help you correct your pronunciation.



You learn English to be able to talk. If you are not speaking English, there is no use of learning it.  And so, you must also talk in English. We understand your hesitation of not being able to speak confidently and we will learn how to deal with those issues later in the article. But, you can at least begin with talking to yourself. Stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself. You can also take help from online websites and applications.


EngVarta is the best app for learning English in an interactive manner. To learn English on EngVarta, you just need to log in. On the platform, you will meet many English speakers who will willingly help you to polish your English speaking skills.


EngVarta can be used by the people who are trying to learn English, as well as those, who know English but hesitate in talking in English. Regular practice with the English speakers will help in polishing the speaking skills and boosting confidence. This is the easiest and one of the most potent ways of boosting English speaking skill. With these easy tips, you will be able to speak English fluently.


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Want to Improve your English? Practice English With Experts

English learning app
English learning app

If I ask you on the very first day of your fitness training to do 30 push-ups and you enthusiastically say ……

Okay! Let’s do it and you started doing.

Great! I am your coach here and I am counting…. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,… & so on…
(After 12 push-ups)

Oh, God! It’s too painful…..
You feel like giving up after 12 push-ups and there you say: I can’t do anymore!
Oh No! What happened to you after 12 pushups? Don’t you have enough strength?


Now if I ask you to keep on doing it on a daily basis, then what will happen after a month?

You’ll be able to do 30 push-ups or even more very easily. Why?

Because now you’ve got enough strength and that’s how you build your stamina.

The same thing applies when it comes to your English communication. You need to practice speaking English daily to improve your communication skills. All I want you to do is to speak English with a new person every day. Whatever words you are learning, call the random person, talk with him/her and use those words. Take the critics, listen to feedback and improve. Keep on doing this for a month and I bet, you will see improvements.


Now you’re wondering how to find a random person to speak English every day, And why a random person? I can talk to my friend or my brother.

So here is another tip:

Doing it daily is important because you gotta build strength, but doing it daily with a new person is as important. And here is why:


Did you ever notice you get super comfortable with your friends and family. And it’s easy to say things and communicate with them. But that’s not what happens when you go for that job interview or meet someone and there you need to talk in English. That new person with whom you need to communicate is a total stranger & it gets weirder when that person doesn’t care about your knowledge but instead how well you communicate in English.


Hey listen, you have been practicing English with your friends and family so far. So your mind is not ready to carry on a conversation in English with a stranger in a comfortable way. You start sweating, panic starts and then you lose control over what you speak or you get quiet for a long time and that makes a bad impression. So the takeaway here is that you’re not ready to communicate in English with strangers.


So in your practice, what was missing? That Stranger was missing.
You need to bring a nice stranger to practice English every day. The good thing is, you don’t need to go on a hunt for a stranger every day. Just call EngVarta and it will find you a nice stranger (verified English experts) who speaks English and is ready to help you improve your communication.


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5 Simple Tips to follow For Better Communication

Simple Tips to follow For better communication
Simple Tips to follow For better communication
  • In this blog, we’ll talk about 5 tricks which will help you to never run out of things to say in a conversion.
    Yes… can talk in English without pressurizing yourself keeping these points in mind.
    How often does it happen that we are talking about something, and turn silent the next moment?
    This might happen with you as well, right?

You just have to keep these 5 points in your mind and you will always find something to
pop up in your conversation.
Are you guys excited? So lets start…


1. Reminds me of.
What you could do is look around yourself and say: hey this reminds me of ——- & then
fill in the blanks with something you see around. It could be anything around you – and that will keep the conversation going.

For example: if there are kids playing say – hey, this little kid looks like my nephew? Or he reminds of that cute boy from a movie which I watched recently?

Oh, this painting reminds me of my last trips to Manali. There can be many variations and it always will give you more things to talk about.


2. Ask open ended questions.
Let’s take an example to understand it.
If you ask someone “Do you like Delhi?” So the answer can be either “Yes, I like Delhi.” Or I don’t like Delhi.

But if you ask How do you like Delhi/ Tell me something about Delhi?
Where you ask “Why” – there is a probability that it will lead to a conversation.
Suppose you meet any teacher, then you can ask, ‘WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO BE A TEACHER?’


3. Use revival question.
When you feel that you don’t understand anything and you suddenly start feeling what to say in certain situations, then this point will help you for sure.


Suppose… you are in a new group…you don’t know anyone and after short introduction. You fail to keep the conversation going then….. You may ask HOW DO YOU PEOPLE KNOW EACH OTHER?

And for sure, some or the other story will come out about which you can talk.
Or on condition that it’s just a conversation between two people, then you can ask, ‘What’s your story?’ Everyone has some story to tell and also it’s an open ended question.

To those people whom you already know, even while talking to them you feel like, ‘What to say now?”

You can ask them about their future plans? What are they working on?

Everyone has some plans and want to make their life interesting- just give
them a chance to talk about it.


4. Give compliments.
You have to compliment something that you have noticed and you liked it?
Like someone’s hairstyle is looking decent then you could ask them “did you get a haircut?” Even if they didn’t, you may talk about what made you think so.


5. Flip the script.
You may take a pause while speaking & make a good eye contact.
It is very important that you give another person the opportunity to speak, or to ask something. If you still feel stuck or nothing to ask – try asking why or how did you feel about the last sentence that person talked about.

For example- If someone went to a museum yesterday, so you can ask,’ DID YOU ENJOY YOURSELF THERE?’

Or ‘awesome! Tell me something interesting about that place?
like the new things you discovered etc.

So friends if you keep these 5 points in your mind this will help your conversation going. But the secret to having a great conversion is to sharpen your skills with regular practice. So go ahead and start practicing these tricks with the friends or new people you’re meeting.


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