Play Holi with the color of confidence 🎁


Colors are beautiful & so are you & the life that you have created around yourself. You know if the past few years have taught us anything then it’s that everything can change and the only thing you can rely on is your skills.

And that’s why this message is so important :

This Holi, don’t just play with Colors but also apply them to your professional career as well.

But how do you apply colors in your professional career?

At EngVarta we have discovered a new color: We call it the β€˜The Color of Confidence’. It’s not visible to human eyes but we all can feel its presence. It’s powerful and magnificent and it fills you with positivity and gives you the courage to do anything in your life. And you want that right?

This Holi – I invite you to join us and let’s play with this unique color of confidence. Our experts are ready to boost you with confidence to speak in English & with practice, you will be expressing your ideas fluently in English very soon.

You know the colors will fade away but your confidence will stick to you forever! So open the appΒ and upgrade to a practice plan today & yes when you upgrade don’t forget to use theΒ coupon code ‘Holi’. With this code, you will get up to 55% of savings on your plan.

And finally – Vani from our team has a quick challenge for you :


Thanks for reading – Enjoy the festival πŸ™‚
Happy Holi to you & your family.

Ashish Pandey ( EngVarta Founder )

Holi 2022

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