How to impress a girl on your first date with your English

A Role Play

How To Impress A Girl On Your First Date With Your English
How To Impress A Girl On Your First Date With Your English
Vanesha– Hi Mansi .
Mansi– Hey Vanesha, How are you? You look sad? Don’t tell me your date wasn’t good.
Vanesha– Do not ask me, my mind is stressed.
Mansi– What happened? Just tell me?
Vanesha– He was hot, good looking but the moment he started talking I was like Oh my God he needs to learn how to impress his date and also how to talk in English.
Mansi– I see, it seems like you met a charming boy but as he spoke the charm went away. Well, let’s see what actually happened on your date.
  • So, here is again an English role play experience to guide you ahead in your journey of speaking fluent English.
  • As you have already seen that Vanesha had a bad date experience, therefore in this blog we’ll discuss how to impress a girl with fluent English on your first date.
Perfect!, Let’s re-play the date here
So here Mansi is going to play the character of Vanesha’s date “Rohan”.Mansi(Rohan)– Hey Vanesha!
Vanesha– Hey Rohan so good to see you.
Rohan– I’m good too.
Vanesha– What ….??
Rohan– Bahar bahut garmi thi .
Vanesha– Yes but this place is quite interesting. I love the ambience. Don’t you like it?
Rohan– Yes..Yes.. I like it. Are you still studying?
Vanesha – Yes I’m a student of Geography in college. BTW you asked: Am I still studying? Do I look old?
Rohan– No no, I do not mean that. Mera Matlab wo nhi tha. Ab is Geography me padhne k liye hai hi Kya?.
Vanesha – There’s so much to explore…
Rohan– Achaaaa ab Geography ki class mat do. Kuch order kare?
Vanesha – Ya, sure I’ll have cold coffee.
Rohan– Ooo…Waiter? Madam k liye cold coffee or mere liye chai.
Vanesha – So what are your hobbies?
Rohan– I play cricket mast din Bhar match dekhta hu . aa what are your hobbies?
Vanesha – Well, I love writing poetry in the free time.
Rohan– Okay, mai to free all the time.
Vanesha – Oh cold coffee is here. I’ll just go to the loo.
Rohan– Loo? Bahar etii loo chal rahi hai , aur tumhe yaha bhi loo lana hai?
Vanesha – Rohan, I meant I’m going to the washroom? Toilet? (Irritated)
Rohan– Okay jao jao ( embarrassed )
Vanesha – Oh my god so that was a horrible date experience. I hope I meet a decent guy next time.So, from this roleplay, it is clear that Girl was totally annoyed with the guy on the date and of course, it was equally embarrassing for the guy as well.
Now, let’s see how could Rohan make a good impression on this date? And this time Vanesha will play the role of Rohan to show us how she wanted Rohan to behave on the date.

Ideal Conversation

Vanesha(Rohan)– Hi Mansi, I’m Rohan.
Mansi– Hey Rohan, it’s nice to see you.
Rohan-Pleasure is all mine, So how are you Mansi?
Mansi– Well, I’m pretty good thanks. What about you?
Rohan– Well, I am absolutely fine. BTW great choice for the place – I love the ambience.
Mansi– Yes I often come here with my friends, their food and hospitality are top notch.
Rohan– Oh great! So Mansi, what would you like to have? Are you a tea or a coffee person?
Mansi– Well, I’m a chai lover! Especially the Ginger tea.
Rohan– Wow, well I would like to have cold coffee, the summers are killing me.
Mansi– Sure we don’t even have to look at the menu.
Rohan– Excuse me, please? ( calling waiter )
Could you please get one ginger tea and one cold coffee?
Mansi– Even my mother likes cold coffee and rest all of us are chai person.
Rohan– okay, That’s so sweet, in my family everybody likes to have coffee.
Mansi– So, who else is in your family?
Rohan– I have one younger brother and my parents. And in your family?
Mansi– Well, we have quite joint family. Chacha Chachi aur dadi also live with us. I have one elder sister also.
Rohan– Wow I must say you’re very lucky. We are a nuclear family. My parents had a love marriage. They used to teach in the same college.
Mansi– Wow, mine had an arranged marriage. So do you believe in love?
Rohan– Oh Yes I do…

And the conversation went on and on. So, guys that’s how you can make a good impression on your first date.



Regardless of how well you dressed up on your date, or even apply the best perfume you have but all these things are useless until you don’t know how to express yourself you’ll lose that opportunity of making your first impression.

Because when you are able to express them you’re able to impress. And that is what Vanesha did when playing the role of Rahul, by having a genuine smile on her face, talking slowly so that the person understands about my likes /dislikes. And genuinely taking interest in the person who you’re sitting with.
And one more thing – It’s not just to make the first impression but also maintain it as well through your time on that date.

All you have to do is to be yourself.

Pay attention to what you’re saying. Take a keen interest in listening to the other person as well. You can even talk about the person’s family, occupation or dreams indirectly.

You must always give your perspective and respect her opinion too! And if you don’t understand or aren’t aware about something, it’s always a good idea to ask questions. This is the best way to keep a conversation going. And while asking questions ask open ended questions that invite someone to speak – do not ask questions that make someone uncomfortable on the first date.


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