Fastest Way to Improve English Communication – The Imitation Method

Fastest Way To Improve English Communication
Fastest Way To Improve English Communication
  • If you really think that listening to English songs can improve your English, or you can improve English by reading grammar books and newspapers, then you are totally wrong! Because this is a language, and you can only learn it by speaking it. The more practice you’ll do, the sooner you’ll start speaking English fluently and with confidence. We are going to share here an effective technique to improve your spoken English and this technique will help you to improve many aspects of spoken English and best part is that you don’t require anyone’s help in it. You must be thinking which technique we are talking about?

So, the effective technique which will help you in improving your spoken English in no time is:
Learning through imitation.


Imitation is ability to express your thoughts and ideas effectively without someone’s help. In simple words “To Copy”. We are not asking you to cheat, just listen and act. In this technique all you need is yourself and a speaker to whom you want to copy. You can imitate from many things like movies, news channels or any TV series. Anything you listen just try to imitate.


Let’s take an example-

We humans have to be responsible towards the environment. You have to imitate in the exact way as the expert in the video does. All you have to do is start imitating from small sentences you listen from any source of speaker you like. They could be any actor, news reader or any youtuber.


Once started with the small sentences you can move toward the complex one and try to use it in your own sentences. One more thing which you could do is to wait for the speaker to complete the sentence and then imitate in the same way, with the exact pronunciations. This will also help you to upgrade your vocabulary and polish your communication skills with right pronunciation.


It is called Implicit learning- this is the activity of learning something in an incidental manner without awareness of what has been learned. With this technique, you will not even know and you will learn a lot. Just like kids learn, slowly and gradually you can start imitation for simple sentences and move towards the complex ones.


If you practice this technique daily, you will definitely improve your communication skills.


And from the next time, whenever you watch any movie or YouTube video then remember to use this technique. And while practicing this technique you will improve your spoken English gradually.


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