Famous Brand Names You’re Probably Pronouncing Wrong in English


10 brand names you are saying wrong
10 brand names you are saying wrong

This is a scenario that happens quite often, especially where you are sitting among a group of your friends or colleague.

Yesterday during lunch break when the whole team was sitting together one of my colleagues said to me  – Ma’am I really love your NIKE shoes, how much are they for ?

To which another colleague replied – it’s not nike it’s pronounced as nikie….and these shoes are out of stock this season .

This was a small and healthy correction , but I know that when you are working in a multinational firm or have an upmarket circle then these small mistakes can make you feel really awkward.

No one wants to give others the impression that you are uninformed about the correct  pronunciation of brands, Because we wear these brands in our daily life.

So let’s look at some common brands NOT braaandz and how to pronounce them correctly. Watch the video to check if you’re pronouncing the brand names correctly. 



So these were some brand names that are commonly mispronounced. If you think I missed any brands that you’ve heard people mispronounce, write it down in the comments 



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