Best English Practice Apps in India to Practice English at Home


English practice apps
English practice apps

Many learners wonder how learning a language at home can be effective? 

English as a language can be learned from anywhere unless you know the right methods. 

One such method is – Using English Practice App to practice English at Home

This blog can be highly useful to you if you are looking for a best English Practice app in India that can help you to practice English daily from the comfort of your home.

  • Engvarta – Best English Practice App to practice English with live English Expert


EngVarta is the best English practice app for those learners who want to practice spoken English daily. When you have 1 on 1 English conversation practice over phone calls, these experts will provide you with constructive feedback. They will help you move out of your comfort zone and help you to get comfortable with the language. You also start practicing for one specific goal like – 

  1. Crack interview – In several English practice apps available on the play store, you can practice the commonly asked interview questions over phone calls before appearing for your next interview.
  2. Public speaking and presentation – You can also practice English for presentation or public speaking.
  3. IELTS – IELTS candidates can also practice spoken English for their IELTS speaking test. You can practice on different topics using cue cards. 

How does this English practice app work?

Engvarta (English practice app) is a 1 on 1 English speaking practice app. You connect with live English Experts and talk to them over phone calls. Apart from this, in the English practice app, you will find vocabulary series and video lessons that can help you to achieve your English speaking goals faster. 

In addition, you will get your call recordings so that you can listen to them and track your progress of improvement in your English learning each day. 


  1. English Conversation Practice app – English practice app for listening and speaking 

english conversation practice app
english conversation practice app

If you find it hard to practice English conversation, then this English practice app can make your life easier. 

In this English practice app, you will find over hundreds of lessons designed to give you a great English practice session. To improve your English conversation, it is a must that you work on your English listening skills, understanding skills and speaking skills. Go through this article to learn how to improve your English reading, writing and speaking skills.

So this English practice app provides you with features like – 

  1. Listening Exercises to improve your listening skills.
  2. English quizzes 
  3. Conversation practice feature.
  4. Conversation recording tool to track your progress. 

Steps involved in using this English Practice app are- 

There are three important steps involved – 

  1. Listen 
  2. Understand
  3. Practice

First, you choose the category and select a topic from the sub-topics (different real-life situations). There is a short quiz for you to understand and the third step is to listen to the conversation and record your own by practicing the conversation. By practicing one lesson every day you can improve your speaking skills. 

  1. Babbel 


Babbel is a multi-language language English practice app, where you can also improve your English. There are a variety of language learning methods including interactive language lessons with:

  1. Advanced speech recognition technique
  2.  language Podcast 
  3. Language quizzes and games and much more

This English Practice app gives you a choice of 14 different languages where English is one of them. So, after acquiring English, you can learn the next language too. 

The lessons are made by language experts who can help you speak English fluently and confidently. 

There are more than 60000 + lessons to boost your language and 10000+ hours of content in this English practice app.

How does this English practice app work? 

Just spare 15 minutes of your time a day and build a habit of learning the language.

  • Fluent U – Learn English language with real-life authentic videos 


FluentU gives you access to downloadable audio related to real-life conversations. You get the real-world content video here that is entertaining, timely, and ideal for an English language learner. 

There is no inadequacy in the variety of audio. You will find movie trailers, music videos, news, inspiring talks, and much more. 

The best feature of this English Practice app is you get interactive captions and all captions are subtitled and translated. You don’t understand its meaning? Tap on the word and get its in-context meaning along with an example sentence. 

Besides this, there are quizzes in context with the video. So this exciting and non-traditional method of improving English will help you to improve your English naturally. 

  • Memrise 


Memrise is an English practice app that helps you to learn English or any language by connecting you with the community of learners and learning language skills through easy-to-use games and over 30000 native speakers video clips. 

In memrise, you will learn English by – 

  1. Basic translation of words and phrases 
  2. Understanding when those words are used in real life 

The basic English course in this English practice app combines practical vocabulary, grammar lessons, and phrases so that you can use them in your daily conversation. The feature of “Learn with locals” in this English practice app makes it more impactful and beneficial for learners who understand Indian English accents. 

List of 10 English Practice Apps for Android that can help you improve English and boost your confidence 

Besides these English practice apps, here are some other English practice apps that can help you improve English –

  • ENGVARTA – Best English practice app for android
  • DUOLINGO – Fun English practice app for learning languages
  • Memrise – English practice app for all
  • Bussu – English practice App For Writing English
  • BBC Learning English
  • Hello English – English practice app for daily practice
  • English Conversation practice
  • Fluentu : English practice app
  • Babbel – App for English Speaking
  • Enguru English practice app

List of 10 English Practice Apps for iOS that can help you in speaking English fluently and confidently

If you are really interested in learning English, then check out the below list of best English practice apps for iOS 2021 that you can use to improve your English pronunciation and English speaking skills.

  • EngVarta – best English practice app for iOS
  • Mondly – English practice app for android and iOS
  • Go Talk – English practice app for learning English
  • FluentU – This English practice app uses videos to help you learn English
  • Duolingo – Most popular English practice app for iPhone and iPad
  • Memrise – English practice app that helps you learn multiple languages
  • Tandem – Best English practice app for iPhone and iPad
  • Google Translate – English practice app to improve overall English
  • Babbel – English speaking and English practice app
  • Speak English App

If you know any other English speaking apps that can help you to improve your English communication skills, mention them in the comments.