Advantages of Speaking English | Powerful Learning Methods to Speak English with Confidence

Powerful Learning Methods to Speak English with Confidence
Powerful Learning Methods to Speak English with Confidence
  • The world is speaking English. Novelists, entrepreneurs, doctors, IT professionals; everyone is conversing in English not just at their workplaces but in their social lives as well. English is the most widely spoken language and this makes it an important language to learn.

    English is a difficult language to master but is not the only language that is challenging. Several other languages are equally difficult to learn. Nevertheless, the people who are dedicated to learning anything find a way to master it no matter what the challenges are.

    English is a little difficult because many common English words are derived from complex Latin, as well as Ancient Greek words. This poses a big challenge for learners.

    Furthermore, there are many rules and then there are exceptions to the rules. There are many contradictions, many irregular verbs, complex grammar, pronunciation, and whatnot. All these things make English a little difficult to learn.

    The people who learn English as a second language face a hard time while understanding verbs. There are certain languages that use vague adjectives and verbs to describe anything but in English, there are specific verbs. There are many other things that complicate English.

    But, no matter what, it is very important to gain fluency in English these days.

Advantages of Speaking English Fluently

Undeniably English is an important language to learn. Speaking English fluently will benefit you in unimaginable ways. If you are still unaware of the advantages of gaining fluency in English, here we have listed some:

    • It increases your income

    Business needs English. The world is speaking English and to be competent enough, you need to gain fluency in English. In the world of globalisation, adding English to your language skills would be more rewarding than anything else. If you have the right balance of business skills and English fluency, you may get a promotion.

    • It improves your knowledge and understanding

    This is one of the most important reasons to get fluent in English. If you are a learner and want to enhance your knowledge, you ought to learn English as it is the bridge that leads you to the vast world of knowledge.
    All the literary masterpieces are in English. The latest research papers are published in English. So, if you want to gain knowledge, you need to learn English.

    • It improves your confidence and communication skills

    Of course, you can communicate in other languages but English gives you a certain confidence and you come out as a more impressive individual.
    There are people who shy away from coming in public just because of the lack of fluency in English. This makes them socially very awkward. To spare yourself from any awkwardness, you must become fluent in English.

    • It creates an impression

    It may sound snobbish but it is the truth. English is a global language and in India, the one who has fluency in English is the one who earns respect in various areas like work and society.

    • It takes you places

    The universal language, English, is spoken in every part of the world. Wherever you go, English would be the only language you can expect people to understand. It bridges the communication gap in every corner of the world.
    This is another advantage of gaining fluency in English.

    • It gives you influence, power, and friends

    Social media is in English. All the leading websites and applications are in English. All the great novels are in English. If you are fluent in English, you will have influence, power, knowledge, and more friends.

    How to become fluent in English?

    Today, as the world is trying to gain a grip on this language, there are many provisions that could help you boost your skills. You can procure everything easily and begin training yourself to become fluent in English.
    It will only take a few months to learn and gain fluency in English. Here is how you can begin your journey to learn basic and graduate to advance English:

    Set goals

    Start by setting goals. This is the basic preparation to begin learning anything.
    By defining a goal, you can have a planned approach. Set a realistic goal so that you can begin at a basic level and see yourself slowly approaching towards a higher level. You must also set a deadline and attain the set goal in the given time come what may.

    Take a pen and a paper and jot down, how much time can you spend learning the language per day or week?
    Now, divide your major goals into small goals. Write down, “By the end of this week, I will reach —– level of English”. Now, work on this.

    Dedicate every day

    Once you have a set goal, it now the time to plan a strategy. But, before anything, you need to make sure that you will give some time to English every day.

    If you keep your dedication up, you will be able to learn English fast and English will become your habit.

    Procure materials

    Now that English is a global language, there are many ways to learn it online and offline. If you want to stick to the old-school approach, you must look for a good teacher. But, if you are willing to embrace the latest and of course, more efficient ways, you can take the online route.

    The online world gives you everything that it takes to gain fluency in English. You will get basic tutorials to clear your basic concepts and then, you will have advanced tutorials to teach you the complexities of the language. Here is what you should do:

      • Books:

    Get some good books that teach Basic English grammar. Once you understand the basic concept, move towards advanced books. Buy novels and also read the newspaper. This is a great way to enhance vocabulary. Note down all the new words you read and look for their meanings.

      • Applications:

    There are many applications that are dedicated to satiate the tailored demands of English learners. There are applications that teach the basics and there are different applications that teach the advanced level of English.
    Applications like EngVarta help the people who know basic and advanced English but hesitate from speaking. There are applications that prepare learners for a particular kind of English, for instance, Business English.

      • Vocabulary:

    You would need good newspapers, magazines, and novels to learn new words. Also, while sitting in front of your TV set, keep a diary and pencil handy and note down the new and fancy words.

      • TV:

    Yes, you read it right. Movies and series in English are powerful mediums to teach you English at an advanced level. But, this certainly does not mean that you should wait to start watching them till you understand the basics. Start early. Even if you are at a basic level, start watching English movies and TV shows. Surrounding self with English will boost the process.

    Use powerful learning methods

    Now that you have the resources and know how they can be used, select a powerful learning method to pace up the learning process. There are some people who learn better by reading, some by writing it down, and some by listening. You can use the method you like or combine one or two measures.

    Having said that, EngVarta is one of the most powerful tools to learn English. The best thing about EngVarta is that it clears your concepts, helps you speak (which is the most important thing when you learn English), gives you fluency, and confidence to speak in front of people thus, helping with communication skills.

    This application connects you to English speakers with whom you can talk and improve your English, pronunciation, overall communication skills, and confidence, simultaneously. If you have a particular accent in mind, you can talk to an expert and learn the accent.
    These easy tips will surely help you in learning English and speaking it fluently.

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