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Get Job promotion in 2022
Get Job promotion in 2022

So today – I want to talk about growth in your career. How to get promoted in your current job or how to get a job promotion in 2022. I am going to share a couple of tips that you can apply in your work life to get noticed and get a job promotion in your current job role.

So let’s start :

  • Are you dependable? 

Ask this question to yourself. Is your boss relying on you for your work? Or, Are you an incredible asset to the company? See, every employer loves to work with a person who they don’t have to micromanage. Your boss should be able to completely trust your work and he should believe that you are the person who is punctual, reachable, and communicable at any time the company wants. Because promotion just doesn’t mean a better paycheck or a better lifestyle. It comes with more responsibility. 

To be reliable, first of all, you have to excel at your work, you need to manage commitment, you need to proactively communicate with your colleagues and your managers. 

And if you are able to demonstrate this track of reliability, then I am sure your promotion is not very far.


  • Think like your boss

Whether you’re a young professional who started an early career or you’re someone who has given years to a company, if you aspire to get promoted and you want to succeed in your profession. Hard work is just not enough. And sometimes, overworking can actually backfire on you. 

So, what I mean is each and every person in the organization works hard. But the question is what makes you stand out?

Whenever a person of higher authority like the CEO or the manager, makes a decision, they don’t make decisions for their personal benefit, rather they see the benefit of the company. 

Something that’s really important is – your vision and mindset should align with the vision of your boss. Your goals should match with the company’s goals and you & your boss should be on the same page. No matter how small or big the job is, if you have the mindset of the ‘boss’ to deal with company problems and you have a strategy, you are likely to get promoted. 

And it doesn’t matter what role you play in the company, you can always take initiative to come up with new ideas, strategies, innovations by focusing on the bigger picture and becoming a problem solver for the company. 

Just try to be one step ahead of others and just be ready to go the extra mile. When I say one step ahead, I don’t mean that you should neglect others’ opinions which takes us to our next tip…..


  • Be a team player 

The organization where you work – is not just about you or the managers. All the people in the organization work collectively as a team. There can be situations when your ideas may clash with others or you may not like what your colleague or your boss says. That could be the time when you can be more generous and outspoken. 

The most important skill you need to get a job promotion at your work is your leadership skill. You have to build an image of a leader and earn the respect of your co-workers so that you can function and perform at your best with your team. Whenever you get an opportunity, prove to your supervisors that you can lead and motivate your team members. 

The second most important quality of a leader is taking ownership. If someone in your team makes a mistake, take responsibility for it. Like, instead of saying – Sam gave me the wrong information, you can instead just say – I got the wrong information. Your goal is not to bring yourself up by pulling others down. 

 This can happen only if you are able to communicate well with your team and your manager, which takes you to the next point –


  • Communication is the key. 

 When your manager or the HR think about your promotion, they will not just check how hard-working and intelligent you are. But they will also take into account whether you are able to articulate your point and you know exactly what you want to get out of a conversation or a meeting. Whether it is communication between your colleagues or your managers, you have to be thoughtful about what you speak, and most importantly don’t attempt to win any argument. Never do this. See, there are two ways of saying the same thing. For example – Instead of straightaway saying – This is wrong. You can instead say – This needs some improvement.

Also, communication doesn’t only mean you keep on speaking but you need to be an active listener too. Be genuinely interested in listening to other people’s advice and ideas. Try to be on common ground with your colleagues and managers. Have a strong personality and be open to communication. 

If you do this, I assure you that your chances of getting promoted will increase 2x.

If English is a language of communication at your workplace and you think your English is stopping you from getting a job promotion – Start practicing speaking in English with ENGVARTA. EngVarta is an English Practice App where experts will tell you how you can communicate with people in your workplace so that you can create a more powerful impact at your workplace through your communication skills. 

Besides all that I have said, just remember – you are not different from the company. When you become an expert at your job, the company benefits from it, when you achieve your targets, the company achieves its targets, when you learn a skill, you add value to the company. So, all in all, if you have that positive attitude and you’re calm in the most vulnerable situations, it will automatically increase the productivity of the team. 

You are working ahead of the curve, you are setting goals and hitting them, you are solving the problems of the company.

And still, if you feel that – but your efforts are not getting acknowledged or noticed. This is not true at all. Your behavior, your contribution, and your dedication are really transparent to your managers and CEO. 

And apart from that, if you’re ready to work on the tips that I gave you, I am sure you will pave the way for promotion this year.

 So, become a powerhouse of your workplace, and rest assured you’ll find things at their places. 

The last piece of advice that I would give is – 

Start reading some books that give you the mindset of a leader. There are some amazing books. Just start upskilling yourself and try to excel at the different roles and not just stick to your job description. 

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