5 Simple Tips to follow For Better Communication

Simple Tips to follow For better communication
Simple Tips to follow For better communication
  • In this blog, we’ll talk about 5 tricks which will help you to never run out of things to say in a conversion.
    Yes…..you can talk in English without pressurizing yourself keeping these points in mind.
    How often does it happen that we are talking about something, and turn silent the next moment?
    This might happen with you as well, right?

You just have to keep these 5 points in your mind and you will always find something to
pop up in your conversation.
Are you guys excited? So lets start…


1. Reminds me of.
What you could do is look around yourself and say: hey this reminds me of ——- & then
fill in the blanks with something you see around. It could be anything around you – and that will keep the conversation going.

For example: if there are kids playing say – hey, this little kid looks like my nephew? Or he reminds of that cute boy from a movie which I watched recently?

Oh, this painting reminds me of my last trips to Manali. There can be many variations and it always will give you more things to talk about.


2. Ask open ended questions.
Let’s take an example to understand it.
If you ask someone “Do you like Delhi?” So the answer can be either “Yes, I like Delhi.” Or I don’t like Delhi.

But if you ask How do you like Delhi/ Tell me something about Delhi?
Where you ask “Why” – there is a probability that it will lead to a conversation.
Suppose you meet any teacher, then you can ask, ‘WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO BE A TEACHER?’


3. Use revival question.
When you feel that you don’t understand anything and you suddenly start feeling what to say in certain situations, then this point will help you for sure.


Suppose… you are in a new group…you don’t know anyone and after short introduction. You fail to keep the conversation going then….. You may ask HOW DO YOU PEOPLE KNOW EACH OTHER?

And for sure, some or the other story will come out about which you can talk.
Or on condition that it’s just a conversation between two people, then you can ask, ‘What’s your story?’ Everyone has some story to tell and also it’s an open ended question.

To those people whom you already know, even while talking to them you feel like, ‘What to say now?”

You can ask them about their future plans? What are they working on?

Everyone has some plans and want to make their life interesting- just give
them a chance to talk about it.


4. Give compliments.
You have to compliment something that you have noticed and you liked it?
Like someone’s hairstyle is looking decent then you could ask them “did you get a haircut?” Even if they didn’t, you may talk about what made you think so.


5. Flip the script.
You may take a pause while speaking & make a good eye contact.
It is very important that you give another person the opportunity to speak, or to ask something. If you still feel stuck or nothing to ask – try asking why or how did you feel about the last sentence that person talked about.

For example- If someone went to a museum yesterday, so you can ask,’ DID YOU ENJOY YOURSELF THERE?’

Or ‘awesome! Tell me something interesting about that place?
like the new things you discovered etc.

So friends if you keep these 5 points in your mind this will help your conversation going. But the secret to having a great conversion is to sharpen your skills with regular practice. So go ahead and start practicing these tricks with the friends or new people you’re meeting.


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