50 interesting phrasal verbs for daily English conversation

50 phrasal verbs for daily English conversation
50 phrasal verbs for daily English conversation


Phrasal verbs are very important in daily English conversation. 

They can help you communicate more effectively and accurately. Here are 50 interesting phrasal verbs that you can use in your daily life.


  • Look After

to take care of someone or something and make certain that they have everything they need

He looked after my pets when I was away. 


  • Get On With

 to give your time to something and make progress with it

We can get with the celebration once we finish the work. 


  • Put Up With

 to accept someone or something unpleasant in a patient way

Nobody can put up with bad behavior for a long time. 


  • Come Up With

 to think of something such as an idea or a plan

My friends really come up with the best traveling plans. 


  • Keep In With

to stay friendly with someone, especially someone who can help you

You should keep in with her friend. They are really helpful. 


  • Pay For

To give money in order to buy something

Let me pay for the dinner. 


  • Take Over 

to begin to do something that someone else was doing

Can you take over the cooking while I walk the dog?


  • Get Away From

 to stop having a particular idea or belief that is oldfashioned or not helpful

We want to get away from this idea that women are meant for cooking. 


  • Get Back To

 to phone, write, or speak to someone at a later time because you were busy or could not answer their question earlier.

I will get back to you once I finish my work. 


  • Put Off 

to delay doing something, especially because you do not want to do it

I was trying to put off the moment when I would have to leave.


  • Give Up On

 to stop hoping that someone will improve and stop trying to help or change them

Most of the teachers gave up on her years ago.


  • Turn Down.

to not accept an offer or request

How could you turn down such a fantastic job?


  • Back Out 

to decide not to do something you agreed to do

I promised to help and I’m not backing out now.


  • Come across 

to meet someone, or to find something by chance

I came across a word I’d never seen before.


  • Dab off

to remove something from a surface by gently touching it several times with something such as a piece of cloth.

He put his handkerchief to his face and dabbed off a tear.


  • Ease off 

if something unpleasant or annoying eases off, it becomes less unpleasant or annoying

If the rain eases off overnight, we’ll leave in the morning.


  • Face down 

with the front or face towards the ground

He was lying face down in the water.


  • Dabble in 

to be involved in an activity for a short time in a way that is not very serious

When he was younger he dabbled in astrology.


  1. Comes down to 

to be the most important aspect of a situation or problem

In the end, it all comes down to who wants the job the most.


  • Triffle with. 

 to deal with something in a way that shows you do not have a serious attitude towards it

Stop trifling with her feelings! 


  • Call for 

to say publicly that something must happen.

Several of the newspapers were calling for his resignation.


  • Boils down to 

to be the main reason for something or the most basic part of something

It’s difficult to choose which appliance to buy, but in the end it usually boils down to cost.


  • Single out 

to choose one person from a group for special attention

Katie was often singled out for punishment.


  1. Send off 

to post something to someone

I must get the parcel sent off tomorrow.


  • Narrow down 

to reduce the number of possibilities or choices

We’re working to narrow down the list of possible suspects.


  • Speak of 

 to seem to prove that something exists or is true

Her extensive library spoke of her love of reading.


  • Bump into 

to meet someone unexpectedly

I bumped into your mother at the supermarket.


  • Blow up at 

to suddenly become angry and shout at someone

She just blew up at me.


  • Cut back 

to reduce the amount of something, especially money that you spend

It’s time we cut back a little.


  • Fall out 

to stop being friendly with someone because you have had a disagreement with them

Have you two fallen out?


  • Get around 

to go or travel to different places

At the age of 85 Milly still gets around quite well.


  • Hang in 

Stay positive 

Hang in there! I’m sure you will find a job soon.


  • Take after 

 to look or behave like an older relative

In looks she takes after her father.


  •  Reflect on 

to give people a particular opinion of someone or something

We hope her success will reflect well on the school.


  • Juice up 

to improve something by making it more interesting, attractive, or powerful

Certain scenes were juiced up for commercial purposes.


  •  Wear off 

if something such as a pain, an emotion, or a feeling wears off, it gradually disappears

The numbness in his shoulder was starting to wear off.


  • Whip up 

to encourage strong emotions or behavior in people

Newspaper articles have whipped up fears of the new tax policies.


  • Ease off 

if something unpleasant or annoying eases off, it becomes less unpleasant or annoying

If the rain eases off overnight, we’ll leave in the morning.


  • End in 

to have something as a final result

His attempt to persuade the boy ended in failure.


  • Map out 

to plan in detail how something will happen

Her own future had been mapped out for her by her parents.


  • Toss around 

to discuss something such as an idea, often in an informal way

We tossed some thoughts around for a while.


  • Keep off 

to not touch something, or to prevent something from touching something

Keep the flies off the food.


  • Knock off 

to reduce a price or an amount

Kelly knocked two seconds off her previous time.


  • Hand down 

to give knowledge or skill to someone who is younger than you and will live after you have died

These skills have been handed down from generation to generation.


  • Keep away 

to avoid someone or something, or to make someone else do this

I’ve told him to keep away, but he won’t listen.


  • Own up 

to admit that you have done something bad or embarrassing

Dan could have made this whole thing go away simply by owning up.


  • Major in 

to have or do a lot of something; to focus on a particular thing.

When someone asked me how my day went, I majored in the things that went wrong rather than the good things.


  • Make off 

to leave quickly, especially after doing something wrong

The kids made off when they heard us coming.


  • Read into 

to find an extra meaning in someone’s words or actions that is not obvious or does not exist

I think you’re reading too much into a casual remark. 


  • Ringback 

to phone someone again.

I’ll ring back later.


Best English Conversation Practice Apps 2022 to Learn English


best english conversation practice app
best English conversation practice app

Do you love talking?

If you read the blogs, you know that I do 😛

Talking in your native language or starting a conversation is so easy right? You can just go on and on speaking with your friends, family and even someone who is a stranger to you. 

Ahhh ! What a contentment to spill your heart out when the person in front of you is a really good listener and you are a fluent speaker.

But hold on ! How do you feel when you are asked to do the same thing in English?

Starting a conversation in English! Feel nerve-wracking?

Forget about speaking for hours, you hesitate to speak for minutes also.

Or even if you are not nervous, you won’t feel as comfortable as speaking in your native language Or, You may say, ‘ I want to speak like a pro in English only if the right word hits my head at the right time.

It feels annoying when you love a language (English) & you want to just pour your heart out but you don’t have the words at the right moment. 

 Well ! Don’t worry. 

It is normal when you don’t have an environment to speak in English or you don’t have people around you to speak in English with. 

However, you must not allow this to hinder your success. Especially, when technology has so much to offer with open arms. The only thing you need to learn is how to make the best use of these resources. Not being able to speak English is not a problem, but the problem is not getting a person who can listen to you when you speak in bits and pieces. 

So, what should you do in this situation?

Well! Your smartphone is your best companion!

All you need to do is have an English speaking environment here where you can practice English speaking with fluent English speakers who can listen and guide you when you speak English. 

But before I begin to tell you about the number of English conversation practice apps, let me explain to you –

What are English conversation practice apps and how can these English conversation practice apps be helpful to you?

English conversation practice app is basically the English learning app whose main objective is to improve your English Speaking skills. I am not talking about a particular English conversation practice app here but in general. These English conversation practice apps vary in features. Some English conversation practice apps provide AI based learning and some applications provide you with real-time English speaking partners. 

The names of the best English conversation practice apps that I will be listing down are dedicatedly for those who want 100% attention on their English Speaking skills. 

But a big question that might be running over your head is – 

Are these English conversation practice apps helpful? 

Let me walk you through some of the life-changing benefits of these English conversation practice apps. Get to know the best English conversation practice apps that will help you speaking English confidently and fluently.

  1. No one judges you for your mistakes.

Do you know what’s the best part about using these English conversation practice apps? That you will never be judged for who you are. An English learner always needs a good listener. Because when you make mistakes while speaking or fumble while speaking, the listener often fails to take interest or most probably they’ll judge you. But when you are in a learning environment, which is a space for learners. You will hardly get judged. 

2. Building habits.

Hiring a home tutor for English or going with the same traditional method of learning & speaking English not only bores you but you also start to lose interest. But using an English conversation practice app on your phone can make you develop a habit of English learning. The personalized approach to language learning can help you to form a habit of speaking English. English speaking is a skill just like any other skill. You can only master it when it becomes a habit. English conversation practice app often becomes a part of your daily routine. 

3. Hustle free

The top benefit of using an English conversation practice app is you can start your daily English practice just by sitting in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to worry about travelling to places for your English classes and continue practicing English from any corner of the world. 

4. Opportunities for overall communication.

English learning apps  give you a wider range of opportunities as compared to the traditional method. You have a variety of options like you can practice English 1 on 1 in phone calls, Video calls or you can also go for group practice in these English conversation practice apps. 

5. Vocabulary building 

It’s not just an English Conversation practice app you are downloading. But most of the English learning apps provide you with complementary amazing features like Vocabulary, video lessons, written notes and much more. By regularly using English practice app : Your ability to use active vocabulary increases. Not only  you know the meaning of the word but you start utilizing them in your day to day conversation. 

Not extending more about the benefits, let me quickly introduce you to some effective & Best English Conversation practice apps in India 2021.


  1. EngVarta – English Conversation Practice App 2021

Do you want someone with whom you can speak & practice English without being judged on a phone call?

EngVarta is for you! 

EngVarta can be the best English conversation practice app for practicing spoken English on a daily basis from around any corner of the country

EngVarta is an English speaking app where you can connect with real-time English experts. The English Experts are professionals who will correct your mistakes when you speak in English. You can speak on any topic that you take an interest in. Or, you also have the option of choosing the desired goal and working towards achieving your goal. Goals can be preparing for an interview or an exam. 


2. Fluentu – English conversation practice app


Fluentu is an amazing English conversation practice app designed if you are not living in an English speaking environment. Here you will get videos related to music videos, music trailers, news, inspiring talks. Basically, this English conversation practice app familiarizes you with how the English language is spoken and its pronunciation. 

Once you play a video, you will see catchy subtitles that will not only grab attention but also help you learn vocabulary. You can imitate the word or the whole phrase without losing the track of the video. 

The process doesn’t end here. Just after watching the video you can take quizzes and exercises that can help you with whatever you remember. 


3. ELSA Speak : Online English Learning & Practice App


ElSA is an English conversation practice app that helps you to speak English clearly and confidently. The app lets the user practice English using quizzes and fun games on pronunciation, word stress, rhythm and innovations. An interesting feature of this English conversation practice app is that it compares the user’s voice with native speakers and immediately provides feedback. 


4. Hello English App – English conversation practice app

hello English app
hello English app

The Hello English App comes with 475 free interactive lessons, games, practice videos and e books. Whether you want to attend an interview or impress your friends with your flawless English – this English conversation practice app serves the purpose. Hello is a social network that connects you with communities of people who share your interests, around the world and in your neighborhood.


  • Cake – Learn English for free
Cake App
Cake app

Want to improve your English for free? Cake app provides you the platform to converse with native English speakers at no cost. All you need to do is record your voice using the tool and the AI speech recognition in the app lets you know where you stand. This way you can correct your pronunciation and work on your English speaking skills. 

Learning English becomes very easy when you have the right platform to practice on. All you need to do is – Make a choice and start with your practice. Whichever English conversation practice app you choose, you may not find results in the beginning but eventually you will start seeing the difference.

List of 10 English Conversation practice apps for Android that can help you improve English and boost your confidence.

Besides these English Conversation practice apps, here are some other English Conversation practice apps that can help you improve English –

  • ENGVARTA – Best English Conversation practice app for android
  • DUOLINGO – Fun English Conversation practice app for learning languages
  • Memrise – English Conversation practice app for all
  • Bussu – English Conversation practice app For Writing English
  • BBC Learning English
  • Hello English – English Conversation practice app for daily English practice
  • English Conversation practice
  • Fluentu – English Conversation practice app
  • Babbel – App for English Conversation practice
  • Enguru English learning app


List of 10 English Conversation practice apps for iOS that can help you in speaking English fluently and confidently

If you are really interested in learning English, then check out the below list of best English Conversation practice apps for iOS 2021 that you can use to improve your English pronunciation and English speaking skills.

  • EngVarta – best English Conversation practice app for iOS
  • Mondly – English Conversation practice app for android and iOS
  • Go Talk – English Conversation practice app for learning English
  • FluentU – This English Conversation practice app uses videos to help you learn English
  • Duolingo – Most popular English Conversation practice app for iPhone and iPad
  • Memrise – English Conversation practice app that helps you learn multiple languages
  • Tandem – Best English Conversation practice app for iPhone and iPad
  • Google Translate – English Conversation practice app to improve overall English
  • Babbel – English speaking and English Conversation practice app
  • Speak English App


P.S. – Are you really serious about your Spoken English speaking skills?

Download the EngVarta app now. It is the best English conversation practice app in India.

EngVarta android appEngvarta iOS app

English Learning App : How to learn to speak English in Non-English Environment


How to learn English in Non-English environment
How to learn English in Non-English environment

I don’t have an Environment to speak in English – A Problem shared by almost every English learner.

In this article we will help you with ways you can build an English speaking environment for yourself at home.

But before we jump to a solution, let’s understand if this solution will work for you.

There are two kinds of people :

  • Who have partner or friends speaking in English around them but that environment isn’t helping them because :

The people around them judge them for their mistakes and they are at a position in their career where they can’t afford to make mistakes while speaking in English. So essentially there is an environment but it’s a fear induced environment where you cannot be yourself while speaking – you cannot afford to make mistakes cause it’s your professional work environment & your reputation is at stake. Therefore, speaking proper English is important for your career

  • Who come from a non English background ( e.g. from a village, studied in regional board )

They struggle to find people who can talk in English on a day to day basis – they are more excited to have conversations in English; but there is no one around them to talk in English with them and offer them guidance. These people, when they graduate and join a company there as well, have some opportunity to converse in English but then again peer pressure of getting judged for mistakes ruins their dream to speak in English.

So what we notice here is that people speaking in English around you does not mean that it’s a favorable environment for you to learn and grow.

For growth and learning you need an environment where you’re comfortable to make mistakes and learn and receive feedback without any feeling of being judged.

There are two ways you can build that kind of environment for yourself :

  • Community solution 
    1. In this approach you can make a group of friends ( about 2 to 4 people ) who are excited to speak in English. 
    2. Practice with each other on a daily basis.
    3. You can do activities like debate, book reading, presentation or regular day to day conversation.
    4. Keep a window of 1 hour conversation daily in a group of 4 friends where each of you gets the opportunity to speak for about 15 mins.
    5. Offer each other constructive feedback about mistakes.

Pros : of this method is that it’s totally free.

Cons : Since you all are struggling to improve English – there are chances you are not able to catch all the mistakes for each other and hence you might start speaking wrong English with the idea in your head that it sounds right. ( how fluent English speakers speak fast without translating & knowing it is correct  – the experience of sounds right or wrong is what helps us to speak fluently and that experience comes with listening and speaking.) But don’t worry our next option is something you can choose if the community option does not work for you.

  • Talk with Experts at EngVarta
  1. Engvarta app (English learning app) provides an English speaking environment for you where you practice speaking English 1 on 1 with live English experts over phone calls. These experts of this English learning app are working professionals who have experience of life to guide you on how to communicate in different situations. The Experts will correct your mistakes and help you improve your English communication ( be it grammar, sentence structure or pronunciation ) – These experts can help you achieve your English learning goal like ( Interview practice or IELTS practice ).

Pros :

  1. It’s a totally anonymous platform therefore you don’t have to worry about someone finding out about your English speaking classes.
  2. It works for you when and where you need it. You can plan your speaking session as per your convenience.

3. It prepares you for the real world – here you don’t talk with one person instead with different experts on a daily basis – just like in the real world. EngVarta (English learning app) helps you to get comfortable with English as a language, not with a person. Because it happens a lot of the time you get nervous to speak in English with new people so we take care of that as well.

Cons : 

  1. It’s a Premium English learning app for serious learners. You need to buy a practice plan in this English learning app. Therefore if you’re a working professional or preparing for IELTS or interview – meaning if English is important for your career then this English learning app is highly recommended for you. 

Now beside speaking environment there are other things as well that you may do in order to emerge yourself in English completely :

  1. Listen to English music – (there are some really good artists and singers available – start with Justine Biber pop music collection). I try this activity where I pull up the lyrics of my favorite song and then sing it along with the music. It’s stress relieving and also helps you improve your pronunciation.
  2. Watch Regional language movies with English subtitles – this trick helps you find out how to say those sentences from your native language in English. For example, do you know how to say “Babumoshai, zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi. “ in English – you would know it if you watch this movie with English subtitles. This trick is good because you’re entertaining yourself while you’re exposing yourself to English as well and your brain is learning along with enjoying the movie.
  3. Watch English news, movies, web series – what it all does is that it helps your brain process English content. So if you’re going to consume English you’re going to deliver English in your communication as well. Listening helps your brain learn about sentence structure and pronunciation but you have to practice as well. Try this activity – when watching your favorite show in English – turn on subtitles and repeat the dialog as they happen ( do it alone – otherwise you will be kicked out of the watch party! ). 
  4. If you’re a fan of reading – then you can read but if you’re into books then you can skip it as well. It’s not super important as long as you’re doing other activities like listening & watching English content. However reading has its own benefits – one of them is improving your imagination.
  5. Take help of English Learning App: There are a number of English learning apps available you can download on your computer or smartphone that can help you to understand English and also practice speaking in English. Whether you are at the office, college, at home or in another place, you can practice speaking English. An English learning app can really be your best English practice partner.
  6. This ones free – no need for a phone or friend you can do it yourself without any effort. We all do a lot of self talking and right now you’re probably doing it in your mother tongue? Can you do it in English – Yes, but is it going to be easy, NO – however I believe you can do it. Just try, it will be annoying at first but soon you will start enjoying it & English will become your default language for self-talk.

There are countless other pieces of advice but I wouldn’t throw more advice your way to confuse you – just remember – English is  language – Enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. And believe in baby steps – that’s how you grow!

Just remember – If you have a smartphone, good internet connection and a great English learning app, then you can improve your English pronunciation and English conversation skills no matter where you live.

To make your English learning journey easier – we have listed some of the best English learning apps that can help you improve English –

  • ENGVARTA – Best English Learning app for android
  • DUOLINGO – Fun English learning app for learning languages
  • Memrise – English learning app for all
  • Bussu – English learning App For Writing English
  • BBC Learning English
  • Hello English – English learning app for daily practice
  • English Conversation practice
  • Fluentu English learning app
  • Babbel – English learning app
  • Enguru English learning app


P.S. – Are you serious about your Spoken English speaking skills?

Download the EngVarta app now. It is the best English learning app in India.


EngVarta android appEngvarta iOS app