Why is English important for Working Professionals?


Why is English important for working professionals?
Why is English important for working professionals?


WHY is being competent important for working professionals?  And WHY do they need to be efficient and skillful? 

Do you know the answer to “WHY” here? Do you know the importance of English for working professionals? 

Here goes the answer to it, being competent, efficient and skillful is what makes a working individual a working professional. These are the major key points that shape a professional. However, there’s another crucial point to add on being a working professional and that is, “Dressing up the Language of professionalism”, the English language. 

The English language, with 1.3 billion speakers worldwide, is the most common and popular language in the world. And the number of its non-native speakers makes it the most spoken language. If you gain command over this language, then you will benefit a lot on professional as well as the personal end.

Importance of English for Working Professionals

Star to your personality

English can add a star to your professional life. You can be virtuous and have a positive impression of yours on the people around you. The style of choosing the right words at the right time may give an impactful impression to your colleagues or co-workers.  


Imagine a person in front of you, who’s very fluent, accurate with a flawless communication skill and confidence, has become the center of attraction to all the numerous people around you.


The confidence that he wore up was actually because of his spoken English skills and English communication skills. Your fluency in the English language can help you give an impactful impression of yours in your office atmosphere.. 

Growth in your career

Imagine a guy with an unlettered English and another guy with an excellent fluency and accuracy in English. Whom would you choose to represent your company at an international level or even at national level?

Obviously the guy with better Spoken English skills and English communication skills. Thus  English can be one of the reasons for your success in your career. 

Better scopes

Being a fluent English speaker can open up various doors of success to you in your career. You can use your spoken English skills as a coupon to use for your better lifestyles or career. 

Connection to the world

Undoubtedly, English can help you to connect with people around the world. There are 1.3 billion English speakers around the world and the non native English speakers have made it the most common and popular language worldwide. This shows the importance of the English language around the world. In addition to this, English is important not just for the working professionals but also for all the individuals of any class or group in their career or around their workplace. 

Benefits of using English in the workplace

Career growth

Your spoken or written English skills can increase your chances of growth in the company. You can be put in the front as the representative of the company and hence can level up your career in no time. 

Personality development

The English language can develop your personality even better. YES, personality is not just seen by your handsome or pretty physical appearance but also by your verbal or communicative skills that comes into play here. You need to be very fluent with your communicative and speaking skills in order to build a good personality of yours. 

Better impact

English will not only improve your personality but as a result, it will also have a positive impact on your co-workers, friends or colleagues in your office. It builds an impression of yours to every person you meet. And will eventually give you self satisfaction. 

English Speaking Practice Apps to learn spoken English 

Well, you must have understood the importance of spoken English by now. If you want to access an app for your practice of spoken English, here is an online English learning app that will surely help you improve and master your spoken English. 


EngVarta is indeed the future leading online English learning app that connects people with the English Experts over a phone call and gives classes to the learners within their comfort zones. They have various affordable plans for the users to access and for those who are looking for free lectures, can follow the EngVarta YouTube channel. In EngVarta YouTube channel, you can access free English contents and vocab series. EngVarta aims to build an English speaking environment around you and for you.  

In Conclusion, it’s not about the personality that you have but the language that you carry on with your personality.