Top 10 English speaking courses of 2022


Top 10 English speaking courses of 2022
Top 10 English speaking courses of 2022

Learning English is one of the best ways to improve your job prospects and access new opportunities, but with so much choice out there how do you know which language course will be right for you? 

In this blog, you will come across the Top 10 English-speaking courses of 2022. 

English Conversation – Improve your English speaking skills by udemy 

English conversation by udemy is one of the top English-speaking courses of 2022. 

English conversation course designed to help you improve your English, specifically speaking.

This course is designed for beginners and intermediate students who want to improve their speaking skills. It will also be useful for advanced learners who want a refresher on the most common words and phrases they use in everyday life.

This course features:

  • Over 1 hour of high-quality video lectures
  • Easy to follow, practical lessons that anyone can apply immediately
  • Real-life examples of how these phrases are used in everyday conversations
  • Clear explanations and examples for each lesson

Learn How to Speak English Fluently: Advanced Course by Udemy

This online course is designed for people who want to improve their English conversation skills, grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. It’s also a great resource for students who are preparing for an exam like IELTS. 

The course will take you from beginner level to intermediate level. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to understand native speakers better and speak more clearly yourself.

You’ll learn the most important aspects of spoken English with fun and engaging videos, audio recordings, and interactive exercises. The lessons are easy to follow so you can start speaking immediately!

Engvarta : Best English speaking course for practicing Spoken English 

Engvarta is one of the best English speaking course of 2022. 

Here, you can practice English conversation practice with English Experts at your selected time. 

During your live practice session, the experts will be correcting your

✔ pronunciation mistakes, ✔ Grammar errors and will help to ✔ frame better sentences to improve your overall English communication. All the sessions are recorded here for revision & you will also receive assignments after every session.

You can download the English learning app from iOS or android and start with a trial session. 

The main purpose of the EngVarta app is to provide an environment so that you can listen and speak in English on daily basis.  You can practice English for your job interviews, IELTS, or to master communication skills. 

After every session, you get a recording of your previous conversation, so that you can listen to the feedback again and identify the corrections that you need to make. On completing 10 hours of practice, students are awarded a certificate of completion. 

It is undoubtedly the best English app for anyone who wants to practice speaking English on a daily basis with Experts. 

Youtube – Learn English with Let’s Talk 

Let’s Talk offers many lessons, all organized into different playlists, that may as well be an English course. Moreover, it is among the top 10 English-speaking courses of 2022. They provide video lessons that can help a beginner to understand and start using the English language for daily conversation. 

Their lessons are worth binge-watching. From pronunciation to English grammar rules to advanced English phrases for different real-life situations.  

Let’s Talk is a great resource for beginner English learners, but its entertaining lessons are helpful for native speakers to brush up on their language skills. 

Speak English Professionally: In person, Online, On the phone. 

 In this 5 week’s course offered by the Georgia Institute of Technology,  you will learn : 

  • how to introduce yourself and others, how to agree or disagree, 
  • how to clarify, restate, and summarize. 
  • ou will revise and rehearse how to give information and respond to requests on the phone. You will review and practice effective interviewing techniques. 

In Addition, you’ll also understand how to give a sales “pitch” introducing a product or service. 

Throughout the course, you will adjust your English speaking skills and become more fluent and accurate when speaking it. You will demonstrate culturally appropriate body language and tone. As you work through the course, you’ll complete yourself and peer evaluations. 

Through a combination of lectures, comprehension quizzes, practice assignments, and performance tasks, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to communicate well in English anywhere in the world!

English Grammar and vocabulary – Describing relationships ( Advanced level) 

This course is ideal if you want to learn how to talk about human relationships, whether they’re with friends, family or partners. You’ll learn commonly used idioms, phrasal verbs and collocations related to relationships, as well as how to use narrative tenses to discuss past habits. This grammar course will help you gain confidence in English.

IELTS Academic Test Preparation from FutureLearn

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the IELTS Academic test, covering all four areas of language proficiency: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. You’ll develop your skills in each of these areas through interactive lessons, practice activities, and mock tests. You’ll also receive feedback on your performance with detailed reports at the end of each module.

Speak English with Confidence: English speaking Course. 

 This course is designed for students at a pre-intermediate to intermediate level of English (A2-B1). You will improve your English Speaking, English Listening, English Vocabulary, English Grammar, and English Pronunciation skills by completing the course activities.

Inside this course, you will learn : 

  • How to have real-life conversations 
  • Hundreds of vocabulary and phrases for having English conversations. 
  • Participating in various online activities and creating your own booklet of vocabulary. 

Alison: English for career developmen

This course is designed for non-native English speakers who want to advance their careers. You will learn about the application process, as well as job search and interview skills while comparing and contrasting the same process in your home country. You will also learn about the various ways in which English language networking can help you land your dream job!

Everyday English Course: Perfectly spoken 

This course will help you to communicate with native speakers from real-life conversations. It will cover basic conversation topics such as ordering at a restaurant, asking for information, or responding to common expressions. 


I hope this has given you some insights about the Top 10 English speaking course of 2022. 

Besides using a course, it is important to dedicate some time for your English practice at home. 

Check out this blog on how you can practice English at home. Click here


10 Best English speaking courses to learn English


Best English speaking courses to learn English
Best English speaking courses to learn English


If you’d like to take your English skills to the next level and try speaking English like a native, then you need to know where to start. 

There are a lot of resources out there for learning English and a lot of mainstream English speaking courses that offer the best materials for helping you speak like a native!

Check out our blog on Resources to start learning English for English language learners

In this article, I’m going to share with you 10 of the best English-speaking courses available online to learn and improve your English.


Coursera is one of the websites with the best English speaking courses. It offers far-flung English courses that you can use anytime and anywhere. These English speaking courses will help you to improve your English speaking skills if you are in a professional environment or if you are learning for career purposes. 

Using these English speaking courses on Coursera, you can improve your grammar, vocabulary, and also communication skills for career growth. 

English for career development by the University of Pennsylvania

English for Career Development is an English speaking course designed to help students acquire the skills needed for professional life. It is aimed at learners who are studying or working in English-speaking environments, or who are preparing themselves for further study or work in English-speaking environments. The course aims to help students develop their language skills through the examination of various aspects of career development, such as resumes and cover letters; job interviews and feedback; job search strategies; and dealing with work colleagues, supervisors, and clients.

Speak English Professionally: In-Person, Online & On the Phone.

Speak English Professionally: In-Person, Online & On the Phone is an English speaking course designed to help you improve your English speaking skills. This English speaking course will teach you how to communicate effectively in real-life situations and how to build confidence while speaking. You will learn how to communicate with people over the phone, in person, and online. You will also be able to practice these skills through interactive activities.

Essential English for Business Professionals Specialization.

Essential English for Business Professionals Specialization is a series of English speaking courses designed to help you develop the language skills that are essential for success in business.

You will learn how to communicate more effectively in English, whether at work or on an international trip. This specialization requires prior knowledge of business English and English grammar.

There are 3 English speaking courses included in this specialization : 

Course 1: English for Developing a Business

Course 2: English for Working Together in Business

Course 3: English for Getting Down to Business

BBC 6minutes English 

BBC 6 Minutes English is a free language learning podcast with bite-sized lessons that you can listen to on the go. It’s suitable for everyone who wants to improve their English, from complete beginners to advanced learners and teachers.

Each week they publish a new episode with a fun theme. They cover topics such as food, holidays and festivals, travel, family life, music, and entertainment. You’ll also get tips on how to improve your pronunciation and grammar.


ESL POD is an online audio English learning program. It has a simple and intuitive interface, with a clear explanation of each exercise and its purpose. One of the main features of ESL POD is that it allows you to record your voice and compare it with the native speakers’ voices. It’s a great way to improve your pronunciation as well as your fluency in English.

Another great feature is that you can listen to the different exercises without having to record them first or without having to wait for someone else to record them first. This means that you can focus on listening and understanding instead of worrying about how long it will take for someone else to make their recording or how long it will take for them to upload it so that you can listen to it!

ESL POD also has an integrated dictionary which allows users to quickly look up any word they want in English without having to go through several steps or even install another app just for this purpose.

Alison English speaking 

Alison’s English speaking course is a great way to learn English. It’s interesting, easy-to-use and fun. With Alison you will learn English in just 20 minutes a day. It is based on the principles of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and includes video lessons, audio exercises and interactive exercises to help you practice what you have learned.

Alison is available as a free trial with a 7-day free trial or as a paid subscription.


Udemy is a great choice if you want to learn English on your own, but it’s even better if you’re looking to brush up on your language skills with an actual teacher. That way, you can ask for clarification and make sure that you understand what the instructor is saying, especially if the class size is small.

Plus, the fact that there are 2,600+ courses available means that no matter how advanced or basic you are in terms of your skill level, there will be a course available to fit your needs. 

The best part is that many programs are also designed for those who want to achieve conversational fluency quickly; as a self-taught student, you might find yourself behind within a few weeks. If this happens to you, feel free to reach out to any of the thousands of active members who participate in discussions each day. By participating in these conversations , you can practice and hopefully keep up with other students’ spoken English abilities.

Future Learn 

In this Future Learn speaking course, you will learn how to communicate effectively with others in everyday situations and make yourself understood in a variety of situations. You will also learn how to express yourself clearly and listen attentively when someone else is talking.

The course is designed to help you improve your communication skills in English by practicing speaking, listening and writing in different contexts such as work meetings, social occasions or everyday conversations. You will be able to practice using these skills in real-life situations by completing activities such as role plays and discussions.

This Future Learn course is suitable for beginners who want to improve their English language skills through listening, speaking and reading activities.

Perfectly spoken English 

Perfectly Spoken offers part of its package for free. Each level contains 60 classes and each program is taught by different teachers. It’s a good way to see if this is the right program for you.

In this English speaking course, The first level contains 30 classes, so it’s a great way to get started with your learning. After you finish a level, you can choose to continue with the next one or not.

Perfectly Spoken teaches pronunciation in a very effective way by using visual cues (videos) and audio cues (audio recordings). It also has an interactive section where students can practice what they learned in class by answering questions related to grammar or vocabulary.

The Perfectly Spoken method is based on five principles: correct pronunciation; correct stress; correct rhythm; correct intonation; proper timing.

Engvarta – Best English speaking practice course. 

Engvarta is an English-speaking practice platform. It is the best English speaking course for those who want to focus only on speaking skills and practice spoken English on their daily basis. 

You can take a trial session to understand how the session works and then go for the subscription for regular practice. 

You can practice any time of the day for 30 minutes to 60 minutes according to your own schedule. 


So, those were our top picks for the best courses for learning English as a second language. We definitely had to leave some out of this list, so if you think we missed something let us know in the comments below! Also let us know what your experiences have been with these or any other programs.

5 Online English speaking courses for any budget or level


Top 5 English speaking courses
Top 5 English speaking courses


It’s no secret that mastering a foreign language can be challenging. 

Fortunately, there are some great English learning platforms and English learning applications which can make your language learning experience a little easier. The one thing you always have to take into consideration when choosing an online language learning platform is the price. If you aren’t careful or go with the cheapest option, you’ll find yourself on a subscription plan paying out much more than you had originally budgeted for. 

This can throw off your entire savings plan if you’re not careful. Finding free or under-budgeted resources to help you learn a language isn’t as hard as it used to be either. There are plenty of social media sites that have both native speakers sharing, and asking questions in their target languages. Websites like Reddit and Twitter might also have groups for English language learners that are more active than others based on the target language.

There are plenty of options for those interested in learning new languages. But let’s be honest, not all English learning websites and English learning courses are worth the time or money. If you’re looking for affordable and easy-to-use language lessons — this is the article for you. There are several different visual-based English learning platforms that have free resources to help you learn a language online. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert-level learner, there is no shortage of ways to learn a new language online. 


Duolingo is a language learning app. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s effective.

Duolingo relies on the idea that you learn better through repetition and rewards. You learn a new word by translating sentences from English to another language, then you use those words in your own sentences to translate them back into English. Then Duolingo uses some clever algorithms to make sure you’re not just memorizing the translations but actually understanding them as well.

It’s not perfect — like any language learning app, there are occasional weird gaps in the lesson plan — but it’s pretty good overall. And it’s free!


Busuu is a English learning app that focuses on conversational language skills. It’s more than just a dictionary and flashcard tool, but it also doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other apps.

This English learning app is available for iOS and Android devices, with an offline feature for the latter platform. It’s free to use in its basic form, but there are paid options for unlocking more features and levels of difficulty.

The primary focus of Busuu is on vocabulary building and pronunciation practice — two skills that are usually overlooked by many other English learning apps. The vocabulary lists are broken down into categories like “at home,” “in town,” “at work” and so on, which makes them easy to navigate when looking up words in context or trying to form sentences based on what you already know. There are also audio recordings of native speakers saying each word or phrase so that you can hear how it sounds before attempting to pronounce it yourself.

The app also offers flashcards for memorizing new words, along with helpful quizzes that test your mastery of specific topics (such as tenses) before moving onto more advanced concepts. 



Memrise is a free language learning app which uses flashcards to help you learn new words, phrases and grammar. It was founded by Ed Cooke, who is also a Grandmaster of Memory. The idea behind the app is that it’s more effective to study in short bursts rather than one long session.

How does it work?

When you first start using Memrise you’ll be given a series of simple lessons on how to use the app. These are designed to teach you how to pronounce words and memorise them using mnemonics (memory tricks). Once you’ve completed these lessons you’ll be able to move on to more advanced courses like English Grammar or French Vocabulary.

The courses are split into different levels so that everyone can work at their own pace. Each level includes between 15 and 30 cards with a mix of vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation exercises. When you complete each card successfully you get rewarded with points which unlock further levels and make it easier for other people to see how good your progress has been!

The main benefit of using Memrise is that it can help you learn languages faster than traditional methods such as books or classes


Italki is the perfect place to find an online language teacher. Whether you have a specific method or just want to learn from a native speaker, Italki has something for everyone.

You can use Italki for individual lessons from professional teachers, or group classes with other students. The site also offers tools like video chat and translation services so you can communicate more effectively with native speakers from around the world.

With hundreds of thousands of teachers available, you’re sure to find one who fits your needs and schedule.

The website features both free and paid lessons. If you’re looking for something more formal, or if you want to speak with someone on a regular basis, paid lessons are definitely worth it!


Emgvarta is an English learning platform where you can practice spoken English daily like a real life conversation. You can connect with the Experts any time of the day and start your English speaking practice. The English experts will give you the right feedback on your conversation. Depending on your goal, like interviews, IELTS or public speaking. You can practice with the Experts on daily basis. 


Engvarta is one of the best English learning app if you want to have serious English conversation practice. 


It’s clear that language learning can be a lifelong pastime that continually opens you up to new experiences and opportunities. As this article shows, there are some excellent resources out there for those of us looking to learn a new language. So, check out these resources today, follow the lessons, and start speaking a brand-new language in no time.

Start your daily English Conversation practice with our English Experts at Engvarta anytime between 7am IST to 12am. Download the EngVarta app today.