How to Improve Spoken English


How to improve spoken english
How to improve spoken english

English is a global language that is spoken and understood all over the world. Learning a new language can be challenging at times, but with persistence and practice, things will get easier, and eventually you will be able to understand and communicate in English with ease. 

In order to improve your English there are four major parts that one really needs to work i.e. Reading, writing, listening, speaking, and there are various ways in which one can work on these parts and improve their spoken English with time. Let’s look at some of the ways. 

Watch English Movies 

You can learn proper word pronunciation and how each word in a sentence sounds in everyday situations by watching English movies. Language is most helpful when used properly and in the appropriate setting. One advantage of watching a show is getting a video to watch afterward, which keeps you interested. The only drawback to watching an English-language programme is how many viewers opt to watch the subtitles. Reading the subtitles while watching a video prevents one from improving their listening abilities.

A comedy is a good place to start, and you can move on to more complex plots later. By watching a show or movie with English subtitles, you can learn how to spell the words and you won’t miss many lines.

Practice on the Phone 

Most people find phone conversations to be especially challenging. This usually happens because when we are speaking on the phone, we cannot see the other person’s body language or face and both of them are quite useful communication tools. 

So in order to get better at communication you can start having conversations with friends and practice over time. Also make sure that the person you are practicing with is a good English speaker, who can correct you for your mistakes and help you learn. 

Now if you are not really sure about where you will get a good English partner then you can turn towards the Engvarta app. Engvarta is an English learning platform that provides you with one-on -one communication with live English Experts and lets you practice from anywhere. 

Reading Books, Magazines, Articles, etc. 

Reading is one of the four basic parts that one needs to work on and reading new books and magazines is definitely going to help you with your vocabulary as well as the correct formation of a sentence.  Now books, magazines and articles all can be very interesting if you like what you are reading. As you read, you’ll come across new words; be sure to write them down in your vocabulary book. Learning new words while reading has the advantage of allowing you to see how they are used in sentences, which makes it simpler for you to understand what they mean. Reading is a great way to pick up English without even realising it. Getting a book and seeing how your vocabulary grows is the simplest way to learn a language.

Listening to Music and Podcasts 

Now listening to music or podcasts will level up things for you as they help you improve your pronunciations. Listening to English songs can help you learn how the words are pronounced. This is yet another method for learning new words and expressions. The more you pay attention, the more you learn! Try copying what you hear to enhance your pronunciation and learn which words are stressed in a sentence.

Listening to podcasts is also a step up from watching English movies because there are no visual aids to help with comprehension. Additionally, subtitles cannot be added. However, podcast hosts speak loudly and clearly, which eventually helps. 

Maintaining a Vocabulary Journal 

Maintaining a journal for all the new vocabulary you learn is a smart move. Noting down the word, its meaning and how it is used in a sentence can be beneficial. Now when you read your journal daily you will frequently use those words when speaking. You’ll notice a growth in your vocabulary if you try to use a few of those words every day. Many of the words we use on a daily basis have meanings that we are unsure of. You should record these words in your vocabulary book as well as look up some of them in a dictionary. The accuracy of a written dictionary never surpasses. 

So yeah, these were a few ways in which you can easily improve your English and get better at your communication skills.