Your True Potential + English Speaking + A GIFT

You can have whatever you want in your life. The recipe to make a better life is there within you from the day you were born – today is just the day to remember your true potential.

What does it take to make a better life :

  • A Happy family
  • A healthy body
  • & a great Career which can fulfil your economical needs.

Healthy body & a happy family is all within your control but when it comes to making a career that’s where people see a lot of competition.

But you can have it all – anything you want – all you have to do is have a strong determination & self control to keep yourself focused & working towards your goal.

I know lack of fluency in English is holding you back from showing your full potential in your professional life & for that we have created a platform (EngVarta) where you can practice speaking in English with other professionals who speak English fluently in their everyday life.

I am sure it might have happened to you that you avoid asking the question or participating in the conversation if it’s happening in english just because you don’t want to make a mistake or get stuck due to lack of right words. 

You know what I have realized that it’s not the lack of ideas in your head – we all know enough english to frame our sentences and speak : it’s just we are not 100% confident about it & that’s the reason for hesitation and holding back.

And the best way to get confidence is practice and at engvarta you can do that daily with english experts on the tap of a button.

This is the best time to start as well because at engvarta we are celebrating EID & that means if you join today you can get upto 55% off (Ending soon..) on your practice plan.

I love writing long letters and I hope you enjoy reading them too.

If you want to ask any questions or share any experience, do not hesitate to reply back to me.

All the best & Happy EID
Ashish Pandey ( EngVarta Founder )


Restart your English Speaking Practice

Hi there,

I remember how excited you used to be for your daily english speaking sessions. And you received remarkable feedback as well. I believe in my heart that you still cherish the goal to speak fluent English – it’s just you got busy.

But you know life happens in those busy moments and you have to keep making progress towards your goal to ensure the future that you desire.


I remember when you took a break from your practice last time you still had few sessions left to finish, but due to your busy schedule – you could not use them.

But it’s time reuse those left sessions & restart your daily english speaking practice. Restart so that you can transform your dream to speak fluent english in reality.

EngVarta has created a Restart program specially for you. When you join using this offer you will get :

1. All your lost sessions back
2. up to 1 month* of free validity to use these sessions
3. 5% extra discount on any plan of your choice.

All you have to do is : Use the coupon code RESTART at the checkout to avail the benefits.


Restart your Practice

This offer is for a limited period only. So join today to claim your sessions & restart your journey to speak fluent english with EngVarta.

Take Care,
Team EngVarta



Play Holi with the color of confidence 🎁


Colors are beautiful & so are you & the life that you have created around yourself. You know if the past few years have taught us anything then it’s that everything can change and the only thing you can rely on is your skills.

And that’s why this message is so important :

This Holi, don’t just play with Colors but also apply them to your professional career as well.

But how do you apply colors in your professional career?

At EngVarta we have discovered a new color: We call it the ‘The Color of Confidence’. It’s not visible to human eyes but we all can feel its presence. It’s powerful and magnificent and it fills you with positivity and gives you the courage to do anything in your life. And you want that right?

This Holi – I invite you to join us and let’s play with this unique color of confidence. Our experts are ready to boost you with confidence to speak in English & with practice, you will be expressing your ideas fluently in English very soon.

You know the colors will fade away but your confidence will stick to you forever! So open the app and upgrade to a practice plan today & yes when you upgrade don’t forget to use the coupon code ‘Holi’. With this code, you will get up to 55% of savings on your plan.

And finally – Vani from our team has a quick challenge for you :


Thanks for reading – Enjoy the festival 🙂
Happy Holi to you & your family.

Ashish Pandey ( EngVarta Founder )

Holi 2022

Happy Republic Day!

Hi there,

On this proud day – I want to celebrate you. Your willingness to do more for this great nation.

You know – Everything matters: you focusing on your education, working a job, taking care of your family, paying your taxes.

But Most important what takes this country to the next level is your persistence to be a better version of your self every day.

For Example, your willingness to improve your English communication is even a contribution to this great nation: it opens the door for your next job, promotion and your inner confidence.

“Confident People make a great nation”.

To contribute to your’s and the nation’s growth we’re giving 10% discount ( Coupon Code : GOAL ) on your English communication practice. So you can achieve your goals faster and contribute to the growth of India.

Me & the experts at EngVarta are ready to help you represent India in the Global Language ( English ).

🇮🇳 Jai Hind! 🇮🇳
Ashish Pandey (Engvarta founder)


Resolutions are overrated – Try this to improve your English in 2023 🎁

Hi there,

I have seen people taking resolutions over and over each year but still not able to improve their English.

It goes like this: I will improve my English in 2023. You feel pumped for a few days, you try new things but after some time, you get caught up in work and you forget about it.

And then when the year has passed you wonder what is wrong with me, why can’t I just stick to one thing and achieve it 🙁

You know – nothing is wrong with you, it’s just resolutions don’t work until you put in the effort. That’s why instead of a resolution, I believe in building habits – habits last for a lifetime. And it’s quite easy to develop a habit as well.

So if you truly want to improve your English in 2023, then ask these questions to yourself:

  • Who are you going to practice with?
  • How long will you practice daily?
  • How will you be reminded to practice?
  • Who will keep you accountable?
  • And most importantly what’s at stake if you achieve it vs you don’t achieve it?

At EngVarta, we’ve made it easy for you to practice English daily for 15 to 60 mins with a live English expert from the comfort of your place.

And not just that the app reminds you at your selected hour to practice daily & in case you skip a few days of practice, our customer support team keeps you accountable through phone check-ins.

EngVarta has not just done that but also developed a roadmap for you to follow this year to achieve English fluency. To see your roadmap open the EngVarta app -> Tap on the menu -> Tap on ‘My achievement’.

On every milestone, a new level is unlocked and you also receive a certificate of achievement. If you have been a user of EngVarta, you might have already unlocked some levels, so go ahead and check your progress and resume your practice to achieve your English learning goal in 2023.

Besides this – it is a new year and I can’t close this email without offering a gift to you from my end – this year my gift to you is coupon code GOAL – which will help you avail up to 55% discount on your English practice plan.

Remember to remind yourself – Why do you need to improve your English?
Write it down on a piece of paper and pin or paste it to a wall where you can see it daily to keep you motivated.

I wish you all the very best & a Happy New Year!

Take care 🙂
Ashish Pandey ( EngVarta Founder )

Build a Habit to speak in English view Plans

A Treat for You 🍰 ( it’s my Birthday Tomorrow 🥳 )

Hi there,

It’s my birthday 🥳  tomorrow & I got a treat for you, but before I share that with you I want 2 mins of your time.

I’m gonna do a little hypnosis on you to show you a glimpse of the future which is about to happen in the next 3 to 6 months.

Come on, don’t be skeptic! Try it…

Ok – Just close your eyes for a few seconds and relax.

Now imagine yourself in an auditorium full of people. And the host invites you up to the stage to address the crowd.

You’re dressed in formal attire & looking very charismatic. You’re filled with confidence and excited to share your ideas with the crowd. You start your presentation & this time you’re not hesitating to speak in English even in front of this large crowd. You’re giving the best performance of your life in that auditorium and you couldn’t be more proud of yourself.

Alright now open up your eyes & know that – what you just imagined can be real.

Anything that you have in your life right now was first just an idea in your mind and when you executed it with pure dedication it became reality. You’re the Master of your destiny and we’re all purely here to help each other live a fulfilled life.

Our goal at EngVarta is to help you achieve the peak of success in your life whether it’s English speaking or learning the art of communication. If you want to master English communication & speak fluently there is no better place to start.

With that here is your Treat – Use my coupon Code: ‘FOUNDER’ which is valid till tomorrow & with this code you can save up to 55% on your English practice plan.

Ends tomorrow

Take these last 3 months ( OCT to DEC ) of this year to polish your English communication so that you can focus on your life goals in 2022 without worrying about English communication being a roadblock in your success.

Finally, I want to leave you with this thought : You are a magnet. You can attract whatever you desire whether it is good or bad. Give power to the desires that shape a better future for you & they will become your reality.

I couldn’t recommend this book more ‘The Secret’ – I read this book early on in my life and it has changed the course of my life. I hope it helps you too.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this & also go ahead and grab your treat.

I wish you success & happiness in your life.

Ashish Pandey
EngVarta Founder


Happy Teachers Day

Do you know what is a Guru/Teacher?

If you are familiar with the verse :

गुरू गोविन्द दोऊ खड़े, काके लागूं पांय।
बलिहारी गुरू अपने गोविन्द दियो बताय।।

It simply means that guru is above god because without him I would be lost. So the purpose of the guru is to illuminate the path towards greatness in your life – for some it will be the path of education, for some it will be enlightened. Whatever it is, the importance of a guru in one’s life can not be ignored.

If you look at your journey from the beginning – your first guru was your mother and from there you had people guiding you to help navigate difficult situations in your life – you went to school, college, university and there you met brilliant minds, professors, teachers who helped you become the very person you are today.

Of Course the choices were yours but without their guidance it wouldn’t be possible.

So today is not the day to celebrate only the teachers who offered you classes in your school or college but it’s a day to celebrate everyone who imparted any sense of knowledge in you to help you become this very person.

At EngVarta today we celebrate our English experts and you both.

Happy Teachers day!

Ashish Pandey
Engvarta Founder


Happy Teachers Day

Happy Janmashtami

Today we celebrate the birthday of Krishna. His story is well known – he is the most charismatic man ever to walk on this earth & why wouldn’t it be Krishna was an incarnation of the god Vinshu in a human form.

But do you know as per Advaita vedanta we all are the incarnation of the god – it’s just an awakening is needed for us to resize the god within us.

But I am not gonna go into details about that topic. Instead I want to talk today about – what can we learn from this verse by our beloved Kirshan to make positive changes in our life.

“A man is made by his beliefs. As he believes. So he becomes.”

 A lot of us forget who we are and in that process we lose ourselves in the outer world thinking we have limitations on what we can do.

Remember you are limitless – expand your belief beyond your human possibilities. You can choose to do anything today. Believe in your higher self and do your karma with compassion, love & joy.

Whether it’s your house chores, 9 to 5 job or your english practice – whatever you do – do it with joy & compassion to bring positive transformation into your life.

Happy Birthday to our Beloved Krishna ❤️

Bless you 🙏
Ashish Pandey ( EngVarta founder )

Happy Independence day

Hi, I hope you’re taking care of yourself & doing well. 

I got one question for you : After 75 years of independence, what does Freedom mean for us today? What does it mean for a common person like me and you…

Today our challenges are different:

  1. We are facing the biggest threat to humanity in the form of the corona virus and vaccination is our most strong suit to deal with it. Make sure you contribute to this fight against corona by getting yourself and your family vaccinated.
  2. In our country more than 50% of people don’t get a good job or promotion that they deserve just because of their poor communication skills. 
  3. It is unfortunate that in our country English is taught as a subject from preschool but the environment to speak in English is not easily accessible to everyone.

At EngVarta we have taken this responsibility to create an english speaking environment for you where no one will judge you for your mistakes. Where you receive motivation and guidance to improve your English communication.

We recently restarted our daily video lesson series which is offered to all our users for free. 

We have also created a vocabulary series that helps all our students to acquire new vocabulary and learn them with easy assignments. This service is also available to you for free.

And to help you the most we have also created an environment where you can talk with a live english expert 1 to 1 daily for 15 to 60 mins to practice your english communication.

In India we face this issue that not everyone has reliable internet therefore we have also added the option for our users to talk with experts using phone calls as well.   

And on the occasion of India’s 75th independence day – we are giving you 55% discount on our english practice plans.

If you are still struggling in your career due to poor English communication – then this is your chance to work on it. Take control back and start your practice with experts. And with regular practice you will soon be able to fill the gap that is between you and your dream career. 

Happy Independence Day!
🇮🇳 Vande Mataram 🇮🇳


Monsoon Sale 2021 [Newsletter]


You want to speak in English fluently with anyone and anywhere and you know it’s only possible with regular practice.

You already tried the EngVarta app and you loved it but the fluency is still not there. You need more practice – when you’re not speaking in English on a daily basis your struggle comes back again.

It’s natural – to gain fluency in English speaking 1 month is not enough ( if someone told you otherwise they are lying). You need a minimum of 6 months to a few years of practice to build a habit of speaking in english.

Now to practice English speaking for years – it’s not a light decision. You need to ensure it fits in your budget as well.

That’s why this monsoon sale period [which ends Today – 26th July 2021] is the best time for you to restart your speaking practice for the long term without breaking your budget..

View Plans
26th July 2021

Are you struggling with the following thoughts?

1. My schedule during the day is a bit busy, and I get tired when I get home – so I don’t have time to practice: You could try practicing in the morning hours. We have added 2 more morning hours – now our service begins at 7 am and ends at 11:59 pm.

2. Internet situation at my current residence is poor: Now you can also take your session via phone calls. Learn more.

3. I want to practice but I am swamped with work for the next few weeks: That’s alright, you may still take advantage of this offer. Just take the plan of your choice and then pause it for the period you’re engaged somewhere else. Learn more.

Want to ask us any question – drop us a comment or contact us at

Take Care!
Team EngVarta