Terms and Conditions



  • You have to be very disciplined on every call you are taking. Whenever you are talking, be careful and maintain the discipline and dignity from your side.
  • If you find that the person on the call is talking irrelevant or you feel that the person is not an ideal study partner then, in that case, you do not cross the limit, be in discipline and immediately end the call. And at the end of the call, you can report the issue to us and we will connect you a new study partner.
  • You should always stay away from discussion on any kind of controversial topics/political debates or hate speeches. Certain topics could make sessions awkward and even unpleasant for you and your study partners.
  • Never demotivate your study partners by saying “your English is very bad” or “you speak very poor English”.
  • Keep empathy with them if they made a mistake or speak poor English, then guide them towards the right direction. Always motivate your study partner, give them confidence and encouragement to perform to the best of their abilities.
  • Always try to be in a good network area while picking up the call. And make sure you’re in a quiet place so that there is no disturbance.
  • Do not ask any kind of personal information from the user like phone number, family details etc.