How To Train Your Brain To Think In English Like A Native Speaker?

How To Train Your Brain To Think In English Like A Native Speaker
How To Train Your Brain To Think In English Like A Native Speaker
  • If you start learning a new language, you generate a habit of translating in your head. It is quite natural and most of us often do it. But what if you learn to think in English directly.
    All you have to do is to get your brain train to start thinking in English rather than converting everything.
    And if you don’t do that it will not only take time, but also slow down your process of learning English. We are sharing some strategies which you can follow to train your brain to think in English.

1. Vocabulary.

First we will start with vocabulary. When you are travelling, or driving to work, just look out the window and think of English words for what you see.


Dog, factory, car..

In fact we will try it right away. You will have to close your eyes, take a deep breath and when you will open your eyes, you are going to look around for things in the surroundings, thinking of what you call them in English. Instead of saying thing’s name in your native language. So take a deep breath and think about things what you see around.


Great, if that was easy we can move to the next level. If it was hard, that’s okay, alright – you just need to practice it everyday. No matter where you are- office, home, travelling or in a cafe, If you have a little time, start thinking in English.


2. Move on to simple sentences.

That chair looks really uncomfortable.

What are you having for lunch?

So lets frame simple sentences about your surroundings. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and think in English. Remember that you do not have to think in Hindi or any other language and do not translate either, all you need is to frame simple sentences about the things you see in your surroundings.


3. Plan your day thinking in English.

When you wake up in the morning, think about your routine, what are your plans for the entire day but think in English only.

Like this- After I finish my breakfast, I will walk to the bus stop and catch the bus.. on the bus I will read a book.. I will meet my friend Raj.. it is going to be an amazing day..


4. Role play conversation in your brain.

We do it all the time – we replay a situation that is to come or has happened in the past and try to find ways on how it could have been better. And this can speedup your English learning process too – all you have to do is switch the language in which you do these role plays in your brain.


You can do it anytime like combing your hair, taking bath. Think of the conversation you are going to have with your friends. Imagine any situation and start the conversation planning in your mind – but in English only.


Suppose, you step out of your house and it’s very hot, So in your head you could be saying, It is so hot today, It reminds me my summers in Delhi..
Hey, are you sure Aman is meeting us here? We’ve been waiting for so long now..’


Practicing this skill everyday will help you think directly in English without translating it.


We would suggest that whenever you want to think, just think in English. Give it a try for a month and watch out how the English within you comes out naturally. Whether it is after your breakfast or during the lunch time, you can practice English whenever you want.


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