Want To Speak English With Confidence? Here Are 3 Simple Tips To Talk In English With Confidence

Want To Speak English With Confidence
Want To Speak English With Confidence
  • Even after reading the grammar for so many years, your English is not yet improved. Why is it so that whenever it comes to talking in English then you feel uneasy? Well, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Most of the people at EngVarta App have this similar issue – even after knowing grammar, they hesitate to converse in English.
  • We are sharing few tips which turned out to be helpful for our numerous EngVarta users. Also, these tips not only influenced their confidence, but also made them capable of conversing in English fluently with confidence.


Here Are 3 Simple Tips To Talk In English With Confidence

Speaking English is no way hard, you need just 3 things to speak English, which can instantly improve your Spoken English, and those 3 things are?

and Confidence.

Yes, confidence is something that you need to build up in yourself to speak good English.

Because if you give it a thought – what is stopping you from talking in English, then you will discover that it is the lack of confidence because you have learned English since your primary school, and you know it very well but only the problem is you are not able to speak it.

So, you do not have to learn anything new, just you have to speak what you already know and for that you need to build confidence. Now you will think how to build confidence, it is not possible to build confidence in a day.
Here are some tips which will help you to build your confidence. Let’s begin:


1. Fake it till you make it
“Fake it till you make it” is a popular phrase in English which means that you have to pretend that you are an expert of anything. Now you have to apply same formula in English speaking as well.

You already know English all you need is to pretend that you can speak it with confidence. It may be confusing to you – that’s how to pretend? Let me explain you with an example.

Whenever someone clicks a picture of yours, you start giving poses and smiling in front of the camera, isn’t it? But it doesn’t mean that you are feeling happy from the inside. You are just faking that smile, so, that picture come out well. After all you need to put that picture on Facebook for decent likes and comments, therefore, it should be perfect. And the same you need to apply to improve your spoken English.

You have to fake it, although you don’t know the language very well, but you have to fake it. Show that confidence. Talk in English more, even if your friends are talking English, then there is no need to escape, just jump in the conversations, don’t be shy. Just fake it, and trust me this fake confidence will turn into real confidence.


2. Realize that your mistake doesn’t matter
Just focus on building yourself and never worry about what people think of you?.

If you will keep on thinking about your mistakes, you will never gain that confidence. So, just leave what people will say or think. While speaking English, you might be stressed about many things like
Oh my God! Is my grammar correct?
Has my pronunciation been wrong? The people I am talking to, are judging me for my English?
Ahhh! Just don’t worry, you are just overthinking.

Trust me, these people are far more worrying about themselves, they will never realize your mistakes, and if you make mistakes you are just learning. It is totally been fine to make mistakes. Most of us do it often. Just be confident about it.


3. Keep Speaking
The more you talk, the more you will learn and build confidence. Remember “Practice makes a man perfect”. It is the best way to learn the English language deeply.

Keep speaking and hearing the conversation in English as much as possible.
Mistakes will happen, they are part of practice sessions, but just work through them and surround yourself with better and more advanced English speakers.
It’s important to practice. Talk to yourself by looking at the mirror. It will really help you.

You can even practice your English speaking with Engvarta App.
All you have to do is talk, talk and some more talk in English. And Ofcourse with confidence!

Follow these tips to remove your hesitation while speaking in English and you will be able to speak English with Confidence.


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