Best English Conversation Practice Apps 2022 to Learn English


best english conversation practice app
best English conversation practice app

Do you love talking?

If you read the blogs, you know that I do 😛

Talking in your native language or starting a conversation is so easy right? You can just go on and on speaking with your friends, family and even someone who is a stranger to you. 

Ahhh ! What a contentment to spill your heart out when the person in front of you is a really good listener and you are a fluent speaker.

But hold on ! How do you feel when you are asked to do the same thing in English?

Starting a conversation in English! Feel nerve-wracking?

Forget about speaking for hours, you hesitate to speak for minutes also.

Or even if you are not nervous, you won’t feel as comfortable as speaking in your native language Or, You may say, ‘ I want to speak like a pro in English only if the right word hits my head at the right time.

It feels annoying when you love a language (English) & you want to just pour your heart out but you don’t have the words at the right moment. 

 Well ! Don’t worry. 

It is normal when you don’t have an environment to speak in English or you don’t have people around you to speak in English with. 

However, you must not allow this to hinder your success. Especially, when technology has so much to offer with open arms. The only thing you need to learn is how to make the best use of these resources. Not being able to speak English is not a problem, but the problem is not getting a person who can listen to you when you speak in bits and pieces. 

So, what should you do in this situation?

Well! Your smartphone is your best companion!

All you need to do is have an English speaking environment here where you can practice English speaking with fluent English speakers who can listen and guide you when you speak English. 

But before I begin to tell you about the number of English conversation practice apps, let me explain to you –

What are English conversation practice apps and how can these English conversation practice apps be helpful to you?

English conversation practice app is basically the English learning app whose main objective is to improve your English Speaking skills. I am not talking about a particular English conversation practice app here but in general. These English conversation practice apps vary in features. Some English conversation practice apps provide AI based learning and some applications provide you with real-time English speaking partners. 

The names of the best English conversation practice apps that I will be listing down are dedicatedly for those who want 100% attention on their English Speaking skills. 

But a big question that might be running over your head is – 

Are these English conversation practice apps helpful? 

Let me walk you through some of the life-changing benefits of these English conversation practice apps. Get to know the best English conversation practice apps that will help you speaking English confidently and fluently.

  1. No one judges you for your mistakes.

Do you know what’s the best part about using these English conversation practice apps? That you will never be judged for who you are. An English learner always needs a good listener. Because when you make mistakes while speaking or fumble while speaking, the listener often fails to take interest or most probably they’ll judge you. But when you are in a learning environment, which is a space for learners. You will hardly get judged. 

2. Building habits.

Hiring a home tutor for English or going with the same traditional method of learning & speaking English not only bores you but you also start to lose interest. But using an English conversation practice app on your phone can make you develop a habit of English learning. The personalized approach to language learning can help you to form a habit of speaking English. English speaking is a skill just like any other skill. You can only master it when it becomes a habit. English conversation practice app often becomes a part of your daily routine. 

3. Hustle free

The top benefit of using an English conversation practice app is you can start your daily English practice just by sitting in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to worry about travelling to places for your English classes and continue practicing English from any corner of the world. 

4. Opportunities for overall communication.

English learning apps  give you a wider range of opportunities as compared to the traditional method. You have a variety of options like you can practice English 1 on 1 in phone calls, Video calls or you can also go for group practice in these English conversation practice apps. 

5. Vocabulary building 

It’s not just an English Conversation practice app you are downloading. But most of the English learning apps provide you with complementary amazing features like Vocabulary, video lessons, written notes and much more. By regularly using English practice app : Your ability to use active vocabulary increases. Not only  you know the meaning of the word but you start utilizing them in your day to day conversation. 

Not extending more about the benefits, let me quickly introduce you to some effective & Best English Conversation practice apps in India 2021.


  1. EngVarta – English Conversation Practice App 2021

Do you want someone with whom you can speak & practice English without being judged on a phone call?

EngVarta is for you! 

EngVarta can be the best English conversation practice app for practicing spoken English on a daily basis from around any corner of the country

EngVarta is an English speaking app where you can connect with real-time English experts. The English Experts are professionals who will correct your mistakes when you speak in English. You can speak on any topic that you take an interest in. Or, you also have the option of choosing the desired goal and working towards achieving your goal. Goals can be preparing for an interview or an exam. 


2. Fluentu – English conversation practice app


Fluentu is an amazing English conversation practice app designed if you are not living in an English speaking environment. Here you will get videos related to music videos, music trailers, news, inspiring talks. Basically, this English conversation practice app familiarizes you with how the English language is spoken and its pronunciation. 

Once you play a video, you will see catchy subtitles that will not only grab attention but also help you learn vocabulary. You can imitate the word or the whole phrase without losing the track of the video. 

The process doesn’t end here. Just after watching the video you can take quizzes and exercises that can help you with whatever you remember. 


3. ELSA Speak : Online English Learning & Practice App


ElSA is an English conversation practice app that helps you to speak English clearly and confidently. The app lets the user practice English using quizzes and fun games on pronunciation, word stress, rhythm and innovations. An interesting feature of this English conversation practice app is that it compares the user’s voice with native speakers and immediately provides feedback. 


4. Hello English App – English conversation practice app

hello English app
hello English app

The Hello English App comes with 475 free interactive lessons, games, practice videos and e books. Whether you want to attend an interview or impress your friends with your flawless English – this English conversation practice app serves the purpose. Hello is a social network that connects you with communities of people who share your interests, around the world and in your neighborhood.


  • Cake – Learn English for free
Cake App
Cake app

Want to improve your English for free? Cake app provides you the platform to converse with native English speakers at no cost. All you need to do is record your voice using the tool and the AI speech recognition in the app lets you know where you stand. This way you can correct your pronunciation and work on your English speaking skills. 

Learning English becomes very easy when you have the right platform to practice on. All you need to do is – Make a choice and start with your practice. Whichever English conversation practice app you choose, you may not find results in the beginning but eventually you will start seeing the difference.

List of 10 English Conversation practice apps for Android that can help you improve English and boost your confidence.

Besides these English Conversation practice apps, here are some other English Conversation practice apps that can help you improve English –

  • ENGVARTA – Best English Conversation practice app for android
  • DUOLINGO – Fun English Conversation practice app for learning languages
  • Memrise – English Conversation practice app for all
  • Bussu – English Conversation practice app For Writing English
  • BBC Learning English
  • Hello English – English Conversation practice app for daily English practice
  • English Conversation practice
  • Fluentu – English Conversation practice app
  • Babbel – App for English Conversation practice
  • Enguru English learning app


List of 10 English Conversation practice apps for iOS that can help you in speaking English fluently and confidently

If you are really interested in learning English, then check out the below list of best English Conversation practice apps for iOS 2021 that you can use to improve your English pronunciation and English speaking skills.

  • EngVarta – best English Conversation practice app for iOS
  • Mondly – English Conversation practice app for android and iOS
  • Go Talk – English Conversation practice app for learning English
  • FluentU – This English Conversation practice app uses videos to help you learn English
  • Duolingo – Most popular English Conversation practice app for iPhone and iPad
  • Memrise – English Conversation practice app that helps you learn multiple languages
  • Tandem – Best English Conversation practice app for iPhone and iPad
  • Google Translate – English Conversation practice app to improve overall English
  • Babbel – English speaking and English Conversation practice app
  • Speak English App


P.S. – Are you really serious about your Spoken English speaking skills?

Download the EngVarta app now. It is the best English conversation practice app in India.

EngVarta android appEngvarta iOS app