Start your Practice at Rs. 1600/month* with live english Experts | New year Offer Ends at Midnight

Hi there, Yesterday I told you about the EMI option and how it can help you afford your English practice at EngVarta for a long enough period to become fluent.

A lot of the time, people come to me saying that if there was a plan under Rs. 2000 then they would take it because that is as much they can afford to invest in their English per month.

I understand, and I have a plan for you which will work within your budget, but first let’s establish: will one month be enough for you to improve your spoken English?

The simple answer is NO. And it’s not just me saying it; if you ask anyone, fluency comes with consistent practice for months. I would say at least six months.

Six months are also enough for you to achieve the goal you have and make a real difference in your career with your improved English communication skills.

Now, how do we make six months of practice affordable when our basic plan of 30 days and 20 sessions starts at Rs. 2596, which falls beyond your budget of Rs. 2000?

Well, you remember the last day I told you we are living in an age where if we plan things properly, anything is possible. With that in mind, I want to tell you that you can afford not just six months but nine months of practice with EngVarta for under Rs. 1600* per month.

If you are interested, then click here to know the further process & for questions write us at

BTW, this offer is valid until today’s midnight only; the prices will go up again tomorrow. And to avail this offer, you must have a credit card. In case you don’t have a credit card, then read this article.


All the best,
Ashish Pandey
(EngVarta Founder & CEO)

PS : I am not sure if you already saw this video – in case not then check it out. I am sure it will make you smile.

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