Faqs MBG



Ques- What is MBG?

Ans- MBG stands for Minimum Business Guarantee. These are hours – where we have fixed seats available and guarantee you a minimum business of Rs. 25. When you claim an MBG spot – we ensure to deliver the calls to you and you agree to be available and accept the calls. In case you do not accept the calls or found unavailable during your MBG hours there would be a penalty of Rs. 5 per such incident.

Ques- So why should you take MBG?

Ans- Because in MBG we make sure to send you maximum calls and also if for any reason there was no caller you still make minimum Rs. 25 (delivered to your wallet) right after your MBG slot is complete.

Ques- What if the system made me offline or app crashed, will I still get the penalty?

Ans- The system only makes you offline when we are not able to deliver the calls to your phone, that is your phone is not in a network or you rejected a call from engvarta, or you missed back to back 2 calls from engvarta with the full ring. However, the purpose of MBG hour is that you are dedicated to being available during that hour so I hope none of these issues would come. However, the app crash issue could be something you can avoid by keeping the latest app on your phone and whenever the crash happens to open a ticket and report the issue to us right away.

Ques- Will I still get the penalty when someone else picked the call and it becomes a missed call for me?

Ans- No, We will only apply a penalty when we give you a full ring and you do not pick up the call and the customer call goes unanswered.

Ques- What if I answer the callback? Will I still get the penalty for not answering the call at first place?

Ans- See the purpose we have minimum business guarantee is because the call of the user must be answered right away, instead of it becoming a callback. You must pick the call as soon as it come and if that does not happen a penalty will be applied.

Ques- Will I still get a penalty when I am busy on the call with a user?

Ans- When you’re busy with another person we do not give you the call hence no penalty.