Faqs Daily English Practice Session

  • Why Follow Up call with mentor is only 15 mins while my daily practice session is 30 mins?
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      In the daily practice sessions, you and your practice partner have an assignment and you require more time to complete them and also you both are new to each other so you require time to introduce and get to know each other so that is why we keep the practice session of 30 mins duration.

      Mentor sessions are kind of briefing call and assessment of your practice in the last week. Mentors have performed their assessment and the follow-up call is for them to just give you the feedback and guide you for the next week practice session. And 15 mins time is more than enough for that.

  • If I skipped my daily practice for a day will i get another day to practice?
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      No, the Mentorship Plan is per day basis and it can’t be extended. If you decide to not practice on any day, that day will be gone. When you miss a class – you missed it, you can’t get it back.

  • I am not getting any response from my partner for suggested time to practice?
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      In case, If your partner is not responding to you and time is about to close. Then just open a support ticket, we will get in touch with your practice partner and if he/she is unavailable we will match you with another practice partner.

  • Start practice button is not working?
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      This button is enabled 5 minutes before your scheduled practice time, our system will notify you 5 mins before to get ready for your practice session.

  • What if i want to skip practice for one day?
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      Yes, you can do that. In app you get an option where you can click Do not match me for daily practice today.

  • How long can I listen to the recordings of my practice sessions?
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      You can listen to your recording for the next 24 hrs only and they will be replaced with next practice session.

  • Can I listen to the recording of my daily practice session?
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      Yes, you can listen your recordings of your daily practice sessions. they will be available to you for next 24 hrs and afterwards they will be replaced with next practice session.

  • How to schedule the practice time?
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      You will be able to see your partner’s prefered time to practice & your assignment for today’s practice. You can use the chat feature to talk with your study partner and setup a time that works for both of you to practice today for 30 mins. Once you have setup the time – our system will notify you 5 mins before to get ready for your practice session. You will be able to access the recording of your daily practice sessions for next 24 hours and afterwards they will be replaced by the next day recordings.