Faqs Daily English Practice Session



Ques- What if my English practice partner did not pick up the call?

Ans- If your English practice partner doesn’t pick up your call, our system will send a push notification to the study partner asking about the availability and the right time to connect with him/her. As soon as we have a reply, we’ll communicate it to you. Please be informed that your study partner can also call you back. In case if you’re still not able to connect with a study partner, then you can report the issue to us and we will connect you with a new study partner.

Ques- What if I do not find my practice partner interesting?

Ans- First of all, if you do not find your study partner interesting then you must try to make the conversation interesting. But if you aren’t satisfied after a few minutes and you feel like you cannot speak with this person anymore, then you can report the session and we will connect you with a new study partner.

Ques- What if I want to skip the practice for 1 day?

Ans- Simply go to your settings and turn off your availability. Once you do that, our system will stop matching you and connecting you with peers for daily practice sessions.
Once you’re available, you can make yourself available in the app again to continue your English speaking practice with partners.

Ques- What if I want to practice with experts more than 1 time in a week?

Ans- Sorry, in your daily practice plan your schedule is already set for experts practice sessions. You can practice English with experts only when it is scheduled for. But, in case if you want to practice English daily with experts then you can switch to our available instant English practice plans.

Ques- Why am I being connected with someone who is of my level to practice?

Ans- We choose to connect you with the study partner who has the same level of English as yours so that you find it more comfortable to express yourself without the fear of being judged by your partner.

Ques- The study partner practice session package is not available for me, why?

Ans- The study partner practice session package is not available for users with their English level as ‘Beginners’. The reason is because we want them to understand the basics of English first, with the experts and then practice it with the study partners.
Users with an English level as Beginner needs more guidance and at least one month of daily English practice with experts regularly. Once you know the basics of English, then you can move your level from beginner to moderate level.
If you think you have chosen beginner level by mistake then you can change your English speaking level in the app and then you will be able to upgrade to this package to practice English with study partners.

Ques- Can I talk something else in the practice session instead of questions?

Ans- Yes, you are open to bring new questions or topics to discuss in your practice session. Just make sure they are as per our communication guidelines. Do not discuss on any topic that is not relevant.

Ques- Can I reconnect to practice with the same partner again?

Ans- No, currently this feature is not available. However, our system may match you with the same practice partner again.

Ques- Can I listen to recordings of my practice sessions with a daily study partner?

Ans- No, recording feature is not available for study partner practice sessions. You can download and listen to recordings of expert sessions only.