Will you also teach me grammar?

No, grammar is the last thing we want to teach you and you know why? Because that’s not the right way to learn speaking English. Speaking and writing English is totally different. The user’s at EngVarta know English, they can understand it but they are just having a hard time to speak fluently in English and to solve that problem you don’t need another grammar course. This is an English practice platform – however surely if you have grammar questions you can ask it with your English expert or the Mentor on the call and they will surely help you but do not expect a full on grammar course here. Our focus is on communication practice and building your confidence and giving you an environment where you don’t have to be afraid to make mistakes.

And let me take an example – when you learnt your native language did you took grammar class before you started speaking it – well you and me both know, you did not – you simply started talking in that language. And you know how that happened – you saw your parents and people around you talking that way and it happened. It seems like the environment you were in, it shaped you.

Could it be possible for you to start learning English in the same way? – I bet it is.

And that is why EngVarta platform is here. Back then when you were a child you were not afraid to make mistakes, you were making simple sentences and talking, people around you were appreciating you. You need that kind of environment again to start speaking in English and at EngVarta we focus on building that environment for you. Consider your mentor and English experts as the people around you when you were growing up. Here everyone talks in English – and they appreciate you when you take a new step and they help you and encourage you when you fall.

And finally Grammar is not the reason why you’re here – you’re here because of the lack of confidence to speak in English and we don’t need to fight that problem with the old solution that never worked for you in the past ( believing that you already took English as a subject and studied full grammar already in past ).