Will I be really able to improve english by talking over the call?

Why don’t we do video calls – why we focus on audio communication only? The reason is simple – We don’t want you to worry about your appearance at all. We work on one thing at a time. Your focus is to improve your communication in English and if we add the video interface to our application you will be conscious about your appearance over the calls and we don’t want you to be nervous about anything when you’re on the call. Right now you can call EngVarta without worrying about how you’re looking and where you are etc but in the video, you’re going to worry about all those elements.

Now to answer will it really work – talking on calls will improve my communication : I am 100% sure it will – because natural process of learning a language is by surrounding yourself with people who communicate in that language and by doing regular conversation in that language ( Remember how you learnt your native language even before going to school and learning the grammar of your native language ).

At EngVarta we connect you with new new Practice partners and English experts to practice communication. Here we provide you the environment where you can practice English with the right mindset people without worrying about anyone judging you for your mistakes. This is the perfect environment for you to remove hesitation and gain fluency in English.