What is the difference in Mentorship and instant practice plans?

Mentorship Plan is a guided process created for people who have moderate or above moderate level of English communication. In this plan, you receive an environment to practice English with new new study partners daily under the guidance of a Mentor. The Practice session needs to be scheduled in advance. The Mentor Follow Up session is of 15 mins and your daily practice session is 30 mins long.

While in Instant practice your call need not to be scheduled in advance – you can practice whenever you have free time available in your schedule. Each session is of 15 mins and you can have as many sessions as you want per day ( as long as your account have balance ). There is no entry barrier in this plan – anyone can upgrade to this plan – either you are beginner or moderate level or fluent English speaker. This plan is our best package if you have beginner level of English communication – as here you would get more attention and expert time compared to the Mentorship Plan. Additionally, if you want to improve your accent, practice for interviews etc. then this plan is suitable for you.

If you’re not sure which plan is suitable for you – open a support ticket and our support team will assist you and help you to select the right plan.