How talking with new new people everyday will help me?

That’s a really interesting question. See doing regular english conversation practice is important because you gotta build strength, but doing it daily with a new person is as important. And here is why :

Did you ever notice that you get super comfortable with your friends and family. And it’s easy to say things and communicate with them. But that’s not what happens when you go for that job interview or meet someone and there you need to talk in English. That new person with whom you need to communicate is a total stranger & it gets weirder when that person doesn’t care about your knowledge but instead how well you communicate in English.

Hey listen, you have been practicing English with your friends and family so far in that cozy environment. So your mind is not ready to carry on a conversation in English with a stranger in a comfortable way. You start sweating, panic starts and then you lose control over what you speak or you get quiet for a long time and that makes a bad impression. So the takeaway here is that you’re not ready to communicate in English with strangers.

So in your practice, what was missing? That Stranger was missing.

You need to bring a nice stranger to practice English every day. The good thing is, you don’t need to go on a hunt for a stranger every day.

At EngVarta – every time you call either you’re on Instant practice plan or Mentorship Plan. Your call is connected to a new person. It could be a practice partner or an English expert depending on what plan you are on. Our purpose here at engvarta is not to make you comfortable but to make you strong for the real world.