How EngVarta is different from classroom training?

The classroom training is designed as a process to make you learn but it’s not necessary that it’ll work for you. There are different activities the instructor in classroom training provide you.
And there are even penalties or fine when you break the rules ( like talking to a fellow student in native language ) but there are several loopholes that students like you find out. But to understand that we need to divide the students into two types :

1.Shy or Introvert
2.Notorious Kind

The challenges for Shy or introvert students are that they are afraid to be vulnerable because they fear others might make fun of them and they don’t fit well in this classroom environment.

The challenge for Notorious kind is that they mix too well that they start breaking rules and get so familiar with each other that they start gossiping in their native language.

The outcome in both cases is that the classroom training fails for them to create results. While at the same time there are students who are working hard and making progress. But that’s not the case for all.

At EngVarta we fix that environment problem for both kinds of learners. If you’re a shy one then you don’t have to worry at all because you don’t have to move out of your comfort zone to practice English and also you don’t have to go meet a group of people face to face. At EngVarta your identity is safe and you’re talking with new new people every day. We take small small steps and turn you from a shy person into a talkative person ( yes in English of course ) over a period of time.

And if you’re a notorious kind – EngVarta solves the problem for you too. Here you don’t get too comfortable with one person or form a group to start gossiping and breaking rules. And frankly we don’t have any rules as such – we believe you’re already serious – you only need to be kept away from the distractions. Here you’re talking with new new people every day and the focus is set on improving unlike in a group environment where you might form a group & start gossiping about the teacher or other students in your native language.

So in a nutshell at EngVarta we fix that environment problem for you and take away the anxiety of classroom environment. You can start your one on one English practice class by sitting on the sofa in your house. What could be more convenient and comfortable than this?

And lastly, classrooms are mostly for subjective knowledge I wouldn’t say you will not be able to learn but you already had many classes like that and you can tell if you feel a difference. If that hasn’t worked for you in past then you need a different method now. You don’t need to learn the same grammar again – you need to go in the battle and face your fears and become strong yeah I am talking about daily communication practice sessions with new new people. That’s the only way you will learn practical English.