How EngVarta is better than hiring a english tutor?

Hiring an English tutor is totally different process than what we do here at EngVarta. EngVarta provides you a platform where you get connected with new new English experts and practice partners every day. They are here not to judge you but to help you take your baby steps towards removing hesitation and speaking fluent English. Here you get environment & there is excitement to talk with new new people every day.

What happens when you are talking with one person only? let’s say you hired an English tutor – he is going to teach you grammar and give you sentences to build. And maybe he is going to talk with you in English all the time but it’s not going to work because at first – you will be worried about your appearance or being judged for how you’re speaking and then after sometime you might get so comfortable with him that now talking with him is very easy but this is the problem: the world out there is not that easy – you need to practice how to carry out the conversation in fluent English with new people every day. And that is what makes EngVarta unique – you get the right environment and people with the right mindset and the best thing you find new people every day so it stays dynamic – you don’t get comfortable with one person and you’re building stamina to speak fluently without hesitation with new new people every day.