How Mentorship Plan will help me to improve communication?

What is stopping you from speaking english while knowing all the grammar? you almost studied the language for more than 10 years. It’s just you haven’t accepted this language as a medium of communication yet – your native language still holds the priority when it comes to talking and that’s the problem why you are still unable to speak fluently in english in spite of all these years of learning grammar and tutoring sessions.

So what you really need is an environment where you forget your native language and forget all the fear that someone will judge me for my mistakes. You got to be that kid you used to be when you were learning the words of the native language and making sentences and everyone around you were appreciating you even at your mistakes – that’s the kind of environment you need to learn and improve your english communication. An environment where people appreciate you to perform, not shake your confidence down by making fun.

And this Mentorship Plan provides you exactly that, you are connected to new people every day – you don’t have to worry about your identity or what you do – you just have to forget your native language and start talking in english. Help your partner to do the assignment and talk & appreciate the efforts of each other… have follow up session with your mentor who has monitored your progress throughout the week and receive the advice and guidance on what to improve in next week. Is this the perfect environment? Well, we make sure it is – that is why we are very particular to take admission of learners in this program – there are several interview steps to qualify for this plan. We filter out non-serious people and only bring the right people with right mindset as your practice partner.