Can I connect with the same expert everytime?

EngVarta prepares you for the real world English, instead of making you comfortable in talking with one person only. We understand it’s human nature to build connections, but the purpose of EngVarta app is to not build connections however to improve your English communication. Due to that reason only we connect you with a random expert every time.

Talking with random people will give you a real-life practice environment & over time it will help you to gain confidence & remove hesitation. However, you will be given an opportunity to connect with the same expert, in the case when your call gets disconnected in between the session.

Also, from ‘My Recordings’ screen, you can re-connect with the same expert again to practice English. When you press the re-connect button the system will give priority to connect you with the same expert however in event that expert is busy on unavailable to take calls – your call will be connected with another live Expert.